Sunday, November 27, 2011

Snowflakes and Pearls

i'm good i'm gone
time flies

Dress: Thrifted (Similar: affordablepricey)
Leggings: American Apparel (Buy)
Boots: Urban Planet (Similar)
Hair comb: My Grandma's <3 (Similar)

It's Maegan again! Courtney and I spent the night making cookies, and picking out an outfit for me to wear to my Education semi formal next week. We eventually found ourselves on Facebook and began the never-ending cycle of looking at pictures. These posted pictures were taken last year by my friend Kadie (see her flickr HERE!) and it seemed fitting to share now since we had 30cm of snow fall on Thursday!
Despite the snow and freeeezing temperature that day Kadie made me look good and we had a lot of fun! Now, I just have to decide whether I want to wear one of Courtney's dresses or this dress to my semi formal! Decisions, decisions...
Well, I should take off and go home since it's getting late! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

And let me know if you want to see the other dress, and help me decide what to wear!


Saturday, November 26, 2011

my dress list

Today I have a treat for you! eShakti is having a up-to-50% off sale Saturday and Sunday +free shipping with orders over 25$ AND I have a save an additional 20$ code ICBMT0811. The dresses shown here with the sale/my code are between ~25$-50$!Here are my favorites!

Cutest print ever! I love the little rows of birds! I think this would look great dressed down with some boots and a nice military jacket.

I think this would look amazing with a thick belt... you imagine the rest. It would look great on it's own with some pumps, or a nice pair of brown boots. OR belt an open cardi around this one. I think it would tone down the print and make it really trendy. Since you can make custom requests when you order, I'd ask to have this dress sit above the knee.

I love this safari inspired dress. It's a beautiful silk/wool blend; great quality. I might swap the bow for a sturdier belt... but that's the beauty of this site: they do custom orders so I'd be able to ask them to not include the belt so I could add another one easier at home.


Scoop front and back with gorgeous embroidery. Twisted straps. Agh! I love this dress--perfect for the holidays. Only 25$!

You can never go wrong with sequins. I find this grey very soothing and not too loud--makes it perfect for anyone who isn't used to wearing sequins!

If you look closely, you'll see the zigzag print. Gorgeous! I love the colors of this dress and the lift and detailing around the waist.


Full pleated skirt! This would be perfect to wear out and perfect to dress down as a skirt later. It reminded me of this dress Kileen from cute and little keeps turning into a pleated mustard skirt...

Cute flirty dress for a night out! Flouncy with a sweetheart neckline. I love the neat detail on the wrap up top on the left.

For anyone nervous about ordering online because of sizing: eShakti offers custom fit. Simply give your measurements!

Happy shopping!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

casual uniform

outfit details:
cotton on scarf
f21 leggings [buy]
f21 dress [similar, without the tie/pleats here (teal), here (grey), here (mint) ]

I read Decoding Dress's post about why she wasn't participating in No Make up week and this quote really spoke to me: "It fascinates me that there is interest and enthusiasm among my fellow fashion bloggers in a “no makeup” day but (and I’m making an assumption here, I admit) probably very little in a “sweats and tee shirts” day." Then I got a comment from one of my readers mentioning they disliked it when bloggers always appeared perfect on their blogs. For me, this definitely is not the case. I wouldn't be able to even if I tried.

It got me thinking... This is what I wear when I'm having a "sweats and t-shirt day". In other words, my go-to lazy day uniform. I know it's not the most stylish ensemble, but it works for me and it is even comfier than sweats and a t-shirt. If I happen to leave the house, I would pair a nice long cardigan and/or coat and some knee high boots with this. I have a collection of both, so either would work. I had a picture taken of this with my outerwear but Maegan said I looked depressed (everyone should have wonderful & honest friends) and I agreed. Some brighter colors and a new day later... here I am. I find it noteworthy that I have this dress in four colors. The funny thing is I'm not even that crazy about it. I definitely have pieces that are far more flattering (were the tie sits a little below my natural waist it makes me appear bigger than I am). I think the good thing about this is I know how to improve on this look: I've been collecting more flattering versions of this outfit. I still hang on to these dresses only because they are modest and comfy (perfect for teaching Kindermusik and other Mom-things).

What do you wear when you want to be cozy?

& a cameo from the little girl who steals Mommy's bracelets and shoes ;)

PS. WhatMimiWrites is hosting a giveaway: win a 100$ to Shopbop!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

christmas in my house

(written on November 6, 2011)

this may be early to post this, but none the less. halloween has come and gone and we have christmas to look forward to. plus i spent today listening to christmas music and watching the classic "rudolph the red nosed reindeer". it was my daughter's first time watching it. i had to fight very hard not to break down and sob through the entire movie. the magic of christmas lies in our children's eyes. watching her live inside the film and reacting to the story is so priceless.

i know many parents now-a-days who refuse to lie to their children. they don't tell them about santa clause. they don't have our traditional fairy tale christmas. i salute them and respect their decision. i even think it's a great idea in some ways. but i choose a different path. i don't feel like i am ruining my daughter's childhood, creating lies to hurt her or teaching her that lying is okay by telling her santa clause is real. my mother told me santa clause was real and i believed her. when i found out santa wasn't real, i did my best to hold on to the magic every year, but i never looked at my mother like a monster. i wished to hold on to the spark and joy and believe again.

i'm struggling. with various opinions from the people i love concerning this very touchy topic. christmas. in my house, that word is taboo. christmas for us is hard. we don't have our little girl every year. some people tell me i'm not fighting hard enough for her, but i know in my heart she should have an equal experience with her father and mother during the holiday. it would be selfish for me to hoard her, especially during such a magical time. i pride myself on being fair, for her sake.

does it kill me? of course. but i react on an explosive basis. it probably won't upset me until i stub my toe or i can't find my bank card--but once i start crying, all my frustrations tumble out. and you can bet then a part of me will be crying because i won't be sharing christmas eve with the one girl i love the most in this entire world. 

but the day of the year doesn't matter.

we don't care what day easter falls on... or any other holiday for that matter--those days are subject to change. sure, it may sting that other families are celebrating on this day, but behind closed doors--who knows who is truly happy? the media can display a wonderful image of the world coming together happily on one day of the year, but in reality, how many of us are truly happy? the world holds it's dark secrets as those of us celebrate--there are those who are hungry, those who are cold, those who are lonely, those who are struggling to stay together and those who are unhappy. those of us who are on the other side of this pain shouldn't get down because our loved ones can't be with us. i have an entire year in which i spend days and days with the ones i love. they are safe. they are alive and healthy. thank god.

if anything, christmas should be a day in which we make a commitment to our families for the next coming year--a commitment of quality time, conversation and connection. a commit to love and cherish the moments we are together. not of anything else material. i may have my little girl this christmas, and i may not have her the next. some people spend christmas alone. but i cherish the days that my family are with me. and for that, i will smile on christmas. i will thank God for having them in life. because my family is everything to me and i am blessed to have them in my life.

i love you jeff. i love you baby girl. i love you mom and dad (both of you). i love my sisters. and i love my brothers.

Monday, November 21, 2011

feel good day


outfit details: Joe Fresh shirt, F21 jeans, Seyschelles Platinum boots, F21 bangles & necklace

This shirt is a work of art. Who wouldn't have an awesome day in this?

I'm thinking about doing the 30x30 this Winter just before Christmas. Since I tried to do it before and failed (not miserably, but none the less, still failed) I know now what went wrong. The items I pick need to be versatile, easy to clean and comfortable. Oh, and I need to include more shoes this time. My friend Unremittingly Kel may do the challenge with me for some moral support. It should be good for me. Anyone feel as if their husbands live in a 30x30? I swear, Jeff only wears his favorite 20 shirts, 5 hoodies and 5 pairs of jeans and then wash. The rest just sit. And sit! Too funny. You have to be comfortable--there's nothing wrong with it!

I've been writing posts for Christmas. Is that weird?
Have a happy Monday everyone,

Saturday, November 19, 2011

i happen to like wearing potato sacks, tyvm

Easy-peasy. Today, I wear my mustard crop top. I love the color. However, desperately searching for something that I can wear with jeans.

Outfit details: F21 crop top & skirt & bangle, Charlotte Russe shoes, Smart Set necklace

I had no desire to belt this top. There, I said it. I worried for a bit what some people might think when I posted this, but then said shag it. I felt really cute and casual wearing it like this and thought it was a nice was to dress down the skirt. I've also said before on the blog I don't mind wearing potato sacks.

Also, the little girl left crying "Mommy got you, Mommy got you" as she went with her Dad this morning. Ouch, my heart. See you tomorrow, baby girl.

That'll be all,

In case you missed it...
A closet misfit: Help me decide whether or not I'm going to chuck this from my closet.
I've decided I'll try tucking it into a skirt, but I don't wear skirts all that often believe it or not, so I'm wondering if it's waste to hold on to it.

Friday, November 18, 2011

need your help!


I think I've been burning out for a while now. I've been finding it hard to sleep lately. I can't go to bed early tonight because I have too much to do around the house! Yes, folks, this is how I spend my Friday nights. Plus, I want to spend some extra time with the little girl before she goes out with her Dad tomorrow...

2 Questions!
Misfit shirt: Keep or toss? The front is funny. I had to pin it to get it to lay right and it still looks funny as I look down at it. I bought it in Zara in NY because I desperately wanted a nice white shirt... First one I tried on had a tag reading "do not wash" so I settled on this one. I've yet to wear it since February. What do you think?


What's the best way to wash something that is 100% rayon? I have been having problems. This is what I do: hand wash in cold water, smoosh it around or let it soak, rinse in cold water, attempt to stretch it out with my hands ever so slightly because at this point it has shrunken... lay flat to dry...
It normally looks funny at the end of it all. Shrunk. A hole. Disformed. Pick one any one. Any tips for me?

outfit details: garage distressed skinnies, madden booties (from ross), cotton on scarf, zara top, f21 bracelet

Call me crazy, but I wish either Starbucks or Tim Hortons delivered. Seriously. I bet they'd have a lot of business.


PS. Only realized I forgot all about Friend Friday as I was previewing my post. Wow, busy week, no kidding!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

the best day


So since I wrote last and told the world I was off to have a good day... what a great day I had. It had the potential to be a really terrible day, but I guess that only proves how the battle is either won or lost in your mind.

First, we left for the book store to play with the trains. It's quite a drive. By the time I was halfway there I realized I forgot my stomach medication. 1st problem. When I got home, she fell asleep. 2nd problem. I tried to take her out and put her back to sleep in bed but we just cuddled for ten minutes and she felt better. I actually enjoyed it--a lot. Went back out to the truck and it started to pour.  3rd problem. And it poured.

Any other day, I would have been so frustrated by this point that I would have given up.
But as I said, I was dead set on having an eventful, fun day.

Thankfully, the LG's rain boots were in the truck. All was well. We played with the trains. I followed her around the store as she pushed a basket (for an hour). I enjoyed a peppermint mocha. Mmm. Lunch time we shared nuggets and fries at McDonalds--LG had a smoothie, no worries, even though a smoothie from McDonalds is still skeptical in my books. She spent her time in the play room sliding. Labeling the colors on the walls. Giving me hugs. We went to the Grocery store. I didn't even stick her in the cart. She held on to the cart. She helped me push it. She ran around the store and I chased her. Every time we went outside she jumped in puddles for about 15 minutes.

My day was hectic and busy. It was not relaxing. However...
Letting her go helps her grow, teaches her to help Mommy, and let's her play (while I'm doing errands). Everyone wins and she's happier. Puddle jumping is fun and it only takes an extra five minutes off of the day--well worth it. Learning to share with the other kids while playing with the trains is challenging--but beneficial. Watching her attempt to help me buy groceries--hilarious and heart warming.
All more difficult and time consuming--and all more fun.

It's the little things that count.

I have to say something: the word "strict" has such a negative connotation.
It's okay to be strict. I want my little girl to have good manners, listen to me and stay close to me.  Respect me. However, I also want her to play, to live, to laugh, to explore and enjoy her life.
These are two very different things and when you nail them down, you begin to see how life can be magical.

Guess shoes, Levis jeans, F21 top, Garage coat, Armani watch
My outfit consisted of something comfortable and easy (I wore cowboy boots instead). I'm disappointed in the quality of this sweater--once I washed it, a little hole formed in the fabric near the seam. I hand-washed it in cold water. What terrible quality! I normally expect this from F21 clothes...after the 10/20th time washing (not the first).

Katya from this time is a charm wrote about how sometimes she does things in her life specifically for her blog--what do we take away from this? Are we blogging about our lives or are we planning our life around our blogs? And if so, is that deceptive? Are we pretending to live a glamorous life by taking a detour to a beach to take photos? All I can say is this: I suppose it depends on what you blog about. If I blog about living positively, there's nothing bad that can come out of it.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

no more brown pants!


Can I just say this: I feel like a goddess in this cardigan! Ha! It's so silky silky smooth, light and airy, flowy and comfy, and such a gorgeous nude color that makes it so easy to style. It's perfect!

I'm off to have a good day. That sentence may sound a little funny--but one of my readers said to me once that to make sure she has a good day, she wakes up in the morning telling herself "I'm going to have a good day. I'm going to be productive. I'm going to spend a little extra time with the kids" Then make it happen. It's so much easier if you jump into your day with a good attitude. I totally agree. Today is going to be one of those days. Just me and the little girl! I have no plans--just to be with her. Get messy, whatever. So I better hop to that!

My new goal: outfits without my brown gap skinny pants!! I just noticed I haven't posted an outfit without them in weeks. I swear to God I'm not a dirt bag! Haha! I just want to take pictures of them I guess!

Outfit details: F21 kimono cardi & t-shirt, Spring nude pumps, Levis highwaisted skinnies
Smart Set necklace, Armani watch, bracelet from my mother in law (and a classy hair tie)

Thanks for all your support,
Hope you have a good day!

PS Hooray! I found a spot in my house with nice natural lighting. Exciting and just in time for winter. Taking outfit pictures outside in the middle of a Canadian winter is going to be a TASK.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

cheers to a lovely (pee-filled) weekend

Outfit details: Gap Skinnies, F21 Shoes & Scarf, Basic White-T underneath
Trench bought at Wilson's Leather Outlet (bought @ 35$--originally 180$)

A few things about my weekend:

- Enjoyed a LOVELY afternoon with my Dad. It was fabulous. I hope next Sunday is the exact same: we visited Aunt Nikki, had lunch at our favorite restaurant that has the most awesome toy room with trains and Dora VHS (haven't seen them in YEARS), then played with the train set at the book store. I bumped into Jeff's co-worker's wife Stephanie who said we should make plans! I got a little excited(!!!) because I loved spending time with them at the baby's Halloween party.

- The end of our wonderful Sunday was not as fun. I now have to wash the pee out of my military jacket. Here is what I tweeted (for those of you that don't follow me on twitter):
What I learned today: always check to see if you have a diaper before you complete the diaper changing process. Disaster. Pee everywhere.

- Rushed home to put the little missy in the bath, had a late supper, snuggled in bed. I got so much love. I got three hugs while snuggling. Oh my goodness. There is absolutely NOTHING cuter than the feeling of little itty bitty arms around your neck giving you a huge squeeze. I swear to God. My life feels complete. I don't know what I am going to do when she moves out. Probably remember these moments and cry a little. Okay maybe a lot.

- Enjoyed a non-fat no-whip peppermint a Christmas cup! Shame on me for enjoying Christmas consumerism but I just can't help it. The little red cups just warm my heart. I get so happy when I see them.

- The little girl started calling her Dad's fiance Mommy. She's been calling Jeff Daddy for a while now. I asked his fiance whether she's done it before since I only heard it for the first time on Saturday and she said she had done it "a few times". I just hope it came out of my little girl's mouth first--if that was the case, I have nothing but joy for both of them. It's definitely more magical hearing her say it when it comes out of her own will--I remember being totally shocked hearing her call Jeff Daddy. She'll decide what she wants to do when she's old enough to make up her own mind anyway. Jeff and I say if she wants to start calling Jeff by his name, then that's fine. We just want it to be her choice. I sincerely hope we're all together on that decision. Either way, she'll have two Moms and Dads her whole life... so trusting these people stay in her life, it's a beautiful thing.

- I find it ridiculous that I'm fearing to post the previous paragraph. I haven't said anything wrong. If anything, I've been very accepting and honest. Speak up if you disagree!

- Cleaning up my state of a room. Here's what I've done so far: wiped out my closet of clothes I don't wear (too short, too small, worn out, untouched, not my style anymore), put it in the spare room for my friends to pick through, moved summer clothes to a different section, removed clutter. I plan to: make a box for clothes too small, clothes too big and clothes that need to be altered. Really, what is the point of keeping those items with the other stuff? If I don't want to let it go, it should be boxed up until it can be worn again.

- Question: Does it matter where I drop off my unwanted clothes? There's a few options. The Diabetes Clothes bank, the salvation army clothes bank... I think we have a bank for single Mom's too somewhere but I don't know where it is. Anyone know anything about this? Where's the safest place to drop it so that it will get into someone's hands that will really use it?

How was your weekend?! Did you do anything special? Anything reminding you (or making you excited!) about Christmas?


Friday, November 11, 2011

monthly goals


Accessorize more.
I've been doing very well with time management lately--but when something has to go, I usually run out the door forgetting to accessorize.

Healthy eating habits.
The best way to teach is by example. Everyone knows this. However, sometimes as a parent we think we can hide things about us or separate certain rules--for example, Daddy's "juice" is Daddy's and little girl's have different juice. AKA pepsi. Daddy drinks too much pepsi! Mommy does too but only when Daddy is home. My nasty horrible habit? Snacking. No more snacking, Mommy. It's a habit. It's what my taste buds have come to crave. The truth stands clear: I feel better without this junk in my body. Lately, I've been having stomach trouble and I'll be damned if it isn't partially due to my lack of exercise and poor eating habits. Lately. I used to be a health food nazi when my daughter was younger and I've started to fall short. I have to remember: the healthy eating habits I am trying to teach my daughter should reflect in my lifestyle. We all know she only wants what's on Mommy's plate!

Accept who you are.
I am a perfectionist in certain areas of my life; what remains is chaos and often disaster. When I become amused with something, I obsess about it until I feel I'm doing the best I can. When it comes to blogging, I need to accept I only have so much time I can spend here. I'm not Blair or Kendi and I never will be. My favorite collection of photos to date has been this one (see here) because I had the extra time to spend taking the photos. I know I can be great when I try. It pains me that I can't spend every waking moment perfecting my "art"--until I remember who I am. I am many things, meaning it makes me a mediocre blogger. It's not my job (but hello, it would be an awesome one). And that has to be fine. Because I need to be an amazing mother and a caring lover and a compassionate teacher. In these areas, I need to be brilliant. November, here's to being a "just another fashion blogger" and a better lover/mother/teacher.

Put up two new videos this month. Sing more.
Last month, I had planned on one, but since I let myself down in this area, it has carried over!

Teach every lesson with new ears. Pretend it's your first lesson, every lesson.
This is always a good reminder. Pedagogy lessons with Meg...still looking forward to them.

For the love of God, laugh more.
I think this speaks for itself. What's more positive than laughing?

Spend more quality time together in the form of doing new things.
This one has to stay. While in Busch Gardens, we had the most fun I think we've ever had together. We got on roller coasters. If that's not doing something different, I don't know what is. Anyway, I want to keep it here and try to do something new back home.

PS. December, I'll be on time with you, I promise!


DSC_0650October was beautiful. Overall, I think I accomplished a lot. I was braver with my colors here, here and here by pairing unusual colors together or using fashion faux pas. I have found that taking sets of pictures all the one time has certainly made my life more enjoyable both for me and for everyone else. Sometimes it's harder because I find it stressful trying to think of outfits on the fly, but if I write down ideas or outfits I've worn, it won't be hard to throw on and shoot and repeat. Jeff and I didn't spend any extra time with each other during this month, but I found that I cherished each moment I was with him. I loved his company. We had great conversation. We laughed. I'm keeping the goal on the list because I enjoyed it. I'm disappointed I didn't sing more or find more enthusiasm in my job. I only had one ped lesson so I'm still looking forward for things to start. As for blogger participation... I'm not going to participate just for the sake of being involved. There are other ways. I've been trying to connect with other bloggers more on a meaningful level and I am enjoying the community.


In case you missed it...
party attire--what I'm wearing this season, and how you can get $20 off a dress
october goals
10x2 "closet monster" challenge: my final misfit--please let me know whether you think it's a keeper!

Coming up...

debut of my gorgeous blue trench coat
my go to lazy day look

Thursday, November 10, 2011

misfit ten (finally, i finished a challenge!)

outfit details:
madden booties from ross; gap skinnies; f21 statement necklace; asos shirt

A few things (because I like to procrastinate doing the dishes):
- FBFF: No make up pics. My love/hate relationship with make up, and how it should highlight your natural beauty--not act as a way to hide our faces. Click to see the other FBFF posts at Oranges and Apples.
- I wasn't going to post this outfit but my mother said she liked it. I said what the hell. I've tried to wear this shirt a bunch of times but I feel like I'm swimming in it. I love the metallic vibe. Not fussy about the shape. Maybe I could pair it with a mini skirt. Let's count this shirt as misfit #10!
What do you think? Keep or toss?

- My little girl and I had the most fun today doing absolutely nothing. Full of laughing. She has a new belly laugh that I find hilarious. She has taken to really pronouncing "ha ha" when she laughs lately and at one point today, both of us were lying down on the floor watching Dora, giggling. These are the moments that I just want to hold onto forever.
- I had a skinny peppermint mocha today. Christmas is in sight. I've started writing Christmas posts. Too early?


In case you missed it...
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