Friday, September 30, 2011

the battle is either won or lost in your mind

OUTFIT DETAILS: Military Jacket - Garage; Sequin Tank - Dynamite; Everything else - F21
MISFIT: I've never worn this skirt before. I took tags off it to wear it. I've had it for months.
VERDICT: I love it. Though I wish it were more structured.

As I was driving home from work, I felt amazing: motivated, confident, brilliantly inspired--and thought "there is something so wrong with this".

I wasn't able to enjoy what I was feeling in the moment because I knew it would slip through my hands like water. A fleeting moment. But... it didn't have to be a mere instant of magic. I'm capable of living that way every day.

If I can feel that good about myself in such a moment of solitude--it means I really believe: I know I can do great things; I know I can be better; I know when I work hard I am capable of anything. I am motivated. I can persevere. 

The problem arises when I feel the exact opposite and apply the same rule: I think, therefore I believe, therefore it must be true. If I walk around thinking about all the negative things I am, then I'm going to exert that behavior. Who wants that?

Are we our thoughts? Is what we think who we are?

I think freedom comes in accepting that a thought is merely a thought. That makes it neither true nor untrue.
Perhaps I thought I was ugly. Just because we think we are ugly, doesn't mean we aren't completely beautiful.
Just because I think people may not like me has no merit on whether they actually do. Thinking I'm stupid isn't a valid IQ test. If I do something wrong, it doesn't make it right if I can think of a thousand ways to justify why I did it. And the list goes on.

I guess that goes both ways. Should I believe that I am able to achieve my dreams just because I think it?

History can tell you that the human race is powerful when determined. Helen Keller was an inspiration to everyone, yet I'm sure she had to push herself to be all that she knew she could be (in ways we can't even imagine). I'm sure that she had days that she had to battle her own negative thoughts. But the power lies in being able to combat them. To choose what to believe in your mind, and what to ignore.

During the drive home, I truly had a moment I thought I could conquer the world... and then it started. It's as if two sides of me were fighting each other, one fully supporting me and the other tearing me down. It can't be that way anymore.

Because when you do have a blissful moment where you feel like you can do anything, you should smile and remember every precious second of it. Because you need to revisit that moment and recreate it. Defend it. Until you do wear that dress that you thought you couldn't wear. Or you ask out the person you've had your eye on. Or you start blogging. Or you ... who knows. What is holding you back from that voice in your heart that's been speaking to you?

Give yourself permission to love you again.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

menswear inspired

ootd 09/28/11

First of all, I love how comfy this outfit is, yet it still looks pulled together. I am always looking for ways to style my white chiffon button up and I think it looks cute under this sweater. I originally pulled this striped sweater out as a misfit, because I've always called it my "ugly sweater" but... I like it. Your honest thoughts?

Thank you so much for everyone who commented on my first 10x2 challenge post! I love my readers! Everyone was so honest and gave lots of suggestions for the items they thought could work.  When my mother saw the post, she said "Holy crap, that outfit was ugly. All those comments were way too nice." There you have it. You're being too nice. Mother knows best.
VERDICT: re-style each item separately and then make my final decision.

ootd 09/28/11
TODAY'S GOAL: No checking the blog today! Or any others for that matter! Off to do something fun with the girlie! Play catch up tomorrow.

ootd 09/28/11
ootd 09/28/11
It's always SO windy!
ootd 09/28/11
forever 21 striped sweater
american apparel chiffon oversized button up
forever 21 satin shorts
forever 21 black heels
charlotte russe earrings

Have you seen the dynamic views on Blogger yet? What are your thoughts? Initially, I really liked them. I think they are very reader friendly. I'd like to see where people will modify the templates to suit their adds and contact/follow info. I like the feature that displays a spread from the first photo of every post--perfect for those of us seeking inspiration from our favorite style blogs. You click on an outfit, it brings you to the post. Wouldn't you love to see a spread of photos and pick through them in the morning when you're getting dressed to become inspired? :D Yes, please. From a blogger perspective, we put so much effort into our posts for them to be lost in archives--this wouldn't happen anymore. Awesome.

I had prepared to talk about something personal related to positive thinking but sometimes my posts have a way of writing themselves. Anyway, I'll work on that some more tonight, along with reading my pedagogy notes, printing music, editing photos, being a housewife, and teaching voice lessons! If I don't have a list of tasks to do, I'm so lazy--anyone else like this?


On another note...
In prep for my shopping trip, I've been thinking a lot about the way I shop and I've discovered my closet isn't as versatile as it should be considering the amount of items in my closet. Here's where you can help me:
What is the most versatile item in your closet?
What's lasted you the longest and held up to everyday wear and tear?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Not only did my mother call me crying...

... (and laughing, at the same time) telling me that this video was me in it's entirety, saying I must watch it to the end... it's also full of perfect moto jackets. Okay, this is creepy.

No, but seriously, the end of this video really is quite funny. And very me.

I may have done this before. Actually, I definitely have. Will you still read my blog now that I've admitted that?

On another note, this video is a little weird and has nothing to do with getting over someone! Anyone else find that odd?

Until tomorrow's outfit post,

In case you missed it...

I styled my closet monsters
(together, I know, what was I thinking, recipe for disaster) just so you can go and tell me to either 1) chuck them, 2) keep them, or 3) try to style them again. I'd love your input! This challenge comes to you by Megan of Feathers and Freckles, who desperately needs a blog button to share on the side of my blog so I can show all kinds of blog love :)

A gorgeous batch of moto jackets that I was drooling over about an hour before my mother called me!

gorgeous... jackets (you're not surprised)

Can everyone take a minute to appreciate 1) this GORGEOUS jacket [um, please be mine], but also, 2) the amazing styling going on here? Were the jacket and bag made for each other? They must be... Also, paired with the yellow, something I would never do, but yet, totally works here, and the leopard leggings... and those glasses! And that ring! And that hair! Who is the girl? She's a babe!

This, I am also a fan of. I love this jacket. Simple, sweet, edgy yet perfectly feminine (all things I am looking for, as you very know if you've been following my ramblings--sorry, they're never-ending). Nothing can beat a pair of shorts with some layers on top. Isn't Autumn perfect for styling...

Look at this girl rocking the black and brown look. This totally works (for me, at least) because the brown acts as a color in this situation instead of a neutral. I've never seen brown look more vibrant. Anyone else agree? Um, also, the jacket! Sigh!

Anyone know who these ladies are? Pictures found via. Although it may seem the first jacket (the one that inspired me to post all these, as I know everyone is probably sick of me going on about these leather jackets) isn't something I would wear, I disagree. I know many people have a distinct style that you can pinpoint and catagorize, but I don't really think of my style as something I take really seriously... or limit! I love clothes. If I like it, and it seems to flatter my body type, then more than likely, I'll try to wear it. I don't want to put myself in a box that I can't stray from. I get bored easily. I like trying new things.

Look at this! First, the jacket fits everything in my must haves. Second, the styling... There is so much texture in this outfit. At first glance, it looks pretty standard, but then you see all the fantastic detail.  I love her slouchy hat!

Oh, shopping... I'll finally be reunited with you in a few weeks! I've been put on a hault until our trip. Realistically, I won't be shopping at all after the trip either, so I need to make a solid list and find the items I need. And then, Jeff tells me I can't wear any of it until after Christmas! Torture! I love you honey.

Until tomorrow's outfit post,

In case you missed it...
I styled my closet monsters (together, I know, what was I thinking, recipe for disaster) just so you can go and tell me to either 1) chuck them, 2) keep them, or 3) try to style them again. I'd love your input! This challenge comes to you by Megan of Feathers and Freckles, who desperately needs a blog button to share on the side of my blog so I can show all kinds of blog love :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

my first misfit (nowhere near my last...)

Okay, I'm about to quote Megan from Feathers and Freckles (Megan: by the way, you can include me in your challenge--I may not do two weeks straight, but I definitely have 10 items, so I will finish this one, I promise) so listen to her introduce her 10x2 challenge of closet monsters:
We avoid those certain shirts that hang wrong, the pants that make us look 12 weeks pregnant, and the shoes that remind us of the time we threw up on them...Point is, we avoid certain items in our closet but we still hang onto them. [...] I try to purge, but when I start tossing things into a bag I begin imagining ways I could wear it and what kind of potential it has. Then they just go back on the hanger into the island of misfits and continue to be ignored.
How many people can relate to this--oh wait, everyone. I am freaking out (a little... okay, a lot) about posting these pictures, but none the less, here they are, and please, be brutally honest! This skirt was bought either in Winter or Spring of this year but has never been worn. First, I feel it has no shape, and bulges when belted giving me a fupa... if I don't already have one here. Also, I was hesitant to tuck this shirt in to this skirt because you can see it (the material and the way it hangs, it's inevitable) but this shirt is kind of another misfit. It has a band on the bottom that I hate so it sort of needs to be tucked. I got it at a garage sale for a dollar so feel free to let me know if this needs to be chucked too... For two misfits in one, I don't think it's that bad... but I also have no shape. WHY I choose to wear two misfits the same time is absolutely beyond me... Maegan told me to pair it with something else so I'll try it with her suggestion later in the week. Just to see if she has more vision than I do. She usually does!

Guys, I REALLY hate chucking clothes! So the opinion will be totally up to you guys!

first and second misfit(3)

misfit one: the shirt

first and second misfit(4)
misfit two: the skirt

first and second misfit(5)

first and second misfit(6)

I paired it with two different jackets just for the hell of it.

first and second misfit(2)

first and second misfit
Outfit details:
Shirt - Garage Sale
Skirt - F21
Shoes - Spring
Jean Jacket - Urban Plant
Blazer - One of Maegan's misfits! Ha! Three misfits!
Cable Chain Bracelet - F21
Earrings - Charlotte Russe
Clutch - A gift (ANOTHER misfit--wow, never worn...)

 Be honest!

PS. I definitely made a huge mistake trying to tuck this shirt in with this skirt because you can see the bunch... Maybe the shirt could work with something more structured?

PPS. I've considered deleting this post like 8 times in the past 30 seconds!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

you and i: gaga fashion

Regardless of what you think of Gaga's new video, You and I... isn't this look absolutely breathtaking? Natural, fresh, crisp. It boggles my mind when people say that she is ugly. How can you call this woman ugly? She is stunning, especially wearing this:

Today was a great day, minus all of my back pain. I have no idea where it's coming from, but it's certainly there...  As my Dad would say... Don't worry about it, it's all behind you... Moving on!

If you haven't read, Megan from Feathers and Freckles started a misfit challenge. It's amazing. 10 items over 2 weeks, and you style all those monsters in your closet. I don't know if I can fully accept the challenge... but I did photograph one of my misfits for you. I'll do some more. Even though the idea of it is frightening--that said, if it is frightening, then shouldn't they be thrown out? Well this is the thing. I'm a pack rat. Seriously. It's terrible, and I need help deciding what to keep and what to toss, so Megan--I'm horrible at sticking to deadlines and challenges (I didn't even finish my 30x30 and summer is over! Shame on me) but I will start pulling out my misfits for the world to see... starting tomorrow :)

Gaga is breathtaking! Thank you to Hits and Fits for all of the GaGa inspiration...

Also, a big thank you to for giving me the Versatile Blogger award! It was a big surprise and I am so thankful. Please go check out her blog and show her some love!


Here is the video if you want to watch it. I suggest you do, just to see the dress I'm talking about... and that hair. Gorgeous, silky blonde... If that were my hair, I'd be in heaven. So envious.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

pink jeans (third remix)

Another work outfit. I love this look. Printed top, colored pants... Grey cardigan to tone it down a bit. I'm unfortunately really sick again so I may or may not find adequate posting time, but we'll see. You never know! Once again, I am using the jeans and jewelry to make three different looks. Tell me at the bottom which look you prefer!

ootd6 09/11/11

ootd4 09/11/11

ootd1 09/11/11
ootd3 09/11/11
Revlon "Love That Pink" lipstick
Forever 21 Edgy Cable Chain bracelet (it broke!) Tribal Princess Necklace, Grey Cardigan, Pink Jeans, Black and Pink Floral Ruffle Sleeveless Top, Black Heels
Armani watch
Sparkles of Hope bracelet (proceeds raising $$ for cancer research)
Garage Black Braided Belt
If you haven't noticed I am a huge fan of these hot pink jeans. Bravoe Runway also gives us three looks with them here so check it out if you are looking for more ways to style them. Below are my three looks; click on the picture to bring you to the full post.

ootd 09/18/11ootd8 09/20/11ootd6 09/11/11
Which look do you prefer?
Moto Jacket, Stripes or Floral? 


Thursday, September 22, 2011

remixed pink jeans and stripes!

I'm doing a mini series on my pink jeans because I wore them for a few days straight... :) I've created three looks with the same pants and jewelry--yet all three have a completely different look.

ootd5 09/20/11

ootd9 09/20/11

Today I teach my henceforth affectionately nicknamed " musical baby aerobics" otherwise known as Kindermusik class. That didn't have to be such a long sentence but I'm sticking with it and hopefully I haven't lost you at the second sentence!

I haven't shopped in so long. I feel like my impulses are screaming at me every day to check online shopping sites but I have been really good and I've actually had a lot of will power. I find grocery shopping the hardest. Joe Fresh is so great! You can find such gems there. I find it difficult waiting for things to drop in price because every time I go I try to scope out something new--but my new goal will be to watch my favorite items fall into the clearance rack. They have GORGEOUS camel cable knit sweaters there for 30$ that I'm waiting patiently for. If I can get a good enough deal, Jeff may let me break my non-shopping rules.

I also spotted camel corduroys... What do you think. I really wanted to buy them but they may be considered man repelling.

GOAL: If you shop, wait for the price to drop.
(And always tell Jeff. No secrets! --- Haha. Just putting this here for you, honey, because I know you're reading.)

ootd7 09/20/11

ootd6 09/20/11

I got a new student last night! She is older than most of my students, which for me is a huge deal because I'm so comfortable teaching 13 year olds now that when someone comes into my room that is close to my age I don't know where to begin or what to say. I had to do a triple take at first when she introduced herself to me only because I couldn't believe at first how old she was. It excites me because I can dig into some mature rep. It also scares me because lessons generally grow more serious and I find myself over-analyzing and criticizing my own abilities to the point of feeling minuscule... but I'm taking lessons and pedagogy coaching from an amazing teacher right now, so I need to sink into my learning instead of dwelling on my insecurities. It's so easy to focus on all of the things I don't know. No one stops learning and reaches their quota on singing. It's a constant process, a cycle of working on an issue and moving on to another issue... It doesn't stop. There is always room to improve. For everyone. In reality, I have a lot of knowledge that I can pass on. I need to remember that.

ootd8 09/20/11

ootd4 09/20/11
Outfit details:
Joe Fresh striped trapeze top; Spring nude shoes
Forever 21 pink jeans, tribal princess necklace, edgy cable chain bracelet
My bracelet broke later that night when I dropped it... I'm clumsy.


P.S. Hilarious out takes! I love them!

ootd4 09/18/11
When I took last post's pictures, it was so windy.
I had the tripod set up as low as it could go praying the wind wouldn't tip it over.
It was pushed all the way over in the corner against the house so that helped too.
I took these with the self timer so it was hit or miss and when I was looking through these photos,
I came across this one and laughed for about ten minutes--I think I was tired--
In Newfoundland, we would say "Windy day b'ys!"
Or Jeff would say...
"It's so windy out it'd blow the milk outta your tea."
That's his favorite one.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


ootd5 09/18/11

ootd3 09/18/11

I was up before sunrise this morning. That said, watching the sun rise is beautiful. I remember being a little girl and waking up my sister to sneak outside with me. We would run down to the park (shown here, here, and here) with everything but the kitchen sink: snacks, blankets, paper and pens--we could have had a survival kit, who knows. We'd run down to the park, cross the current that meets the ocean, climb the hill (we thought it was a mountain) and set up at the top. Then we would wait. My senses remember everything so clearly. The dewy morning chill on my skin. Watching the colors bleed into the sky, watching as one would lean and turn into the next. The sun, as it peeps out over the flat ocean, and it's rays. I loved the feeling of the first ray on my skin, warming me like a first kiss.

As I typed that, it literally just happened; the sun just peeped out over the trees. It makes writing this all the more awesome.

It's funny... That seemed like such an adventure when we were young, and now, I long to live from one moment to the next instead of meticulously worrying about tomorrow. Oscar Wilde says, and we should all listen carefully, life is too important to take seriously.

ootd7 09/18/11

ootd6 09/18/11

All of this stemmed from trying to think of a title that related to me being up at 5:30AM with a sick little girl. She got the sniffles and sneezies last night and I was praying she didn't get sick, but alas, it happened. It's a sin--she just got over a cold not too long ago. That said, it's better she get it over with now, because we're going to Florida in a few weeks and I wouldn't want her to be sick on our trip.

Here's the outfit I wore to work Saturday. I always wish to dress up more since my job allows so much flexibility, but on this day I teach a Kindermusik class so it's difficult to dress up while dressing for a music and movement class with newborns... I affectionately call it musical baby aerobics. Actually, I've never called it that before, but today I'll start.

ootd2 09/18/11
Outfit details:
La Posh Style Cowboy Boots
Forever 21 jeans, tribal tunic, cable chain bracelet, tribal necklace & earrings
Urban Planet jean jacket

Maegan always tells me not to wear denim on denim because it looks too much like a tuxedo. Agreed, somewhat, unless you want to look like you're wearing a denim tuxedo, then of course you're fine. I figured since I'm wearing two different colors of denim, and my tunic has a pink/light blue print, the jacket on top would compliment my top and the jeans would stand on their own. What do you think?

I'm SO sorry to my readers whose comments are being flagged as spam... I've pulled them out, but if it keeps happening I might ditch Disqus. Any way to fix this? It's so annoying!
On a brighter note, I have a hilarious out take for you tomorrow :)


Monday, September 19, 2011

currently craving: moto jacket

ootd5 09/18/11

ootd2 09/18/11

ootd3 09/18/11

ootd 09/18/11

ootd4 09/18/11
See previous post for outfit details.
Moto jacket - borrowed from Maegan (already returned, so sad!)


I love the look of these black moto jackets. They are feminine (but not too girly). They have beautiful lapels and nice asymmetrical zipper placement... Perfection. I would kill to have either one of these...or something like them.

Both jackets... currently sold out.

Will I ever find the one that I want!?
Please help! Has anyone seen anything similar?

I haven't gotten around to catching up on everyone's blogs, but that's on the to do list tomorrow :)
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