Thursday, November 10, 2011

misfit ten (finally, i finished a challenge!)

outfit details:
madden booties from ross; gap skinnies; f21 statement necklace; asos shirt

A few things (because I like to procrastinate doing the dishes):
- FBFF: No make up pics. My love/hate relationship with make up, and how it should highlight your natural beauty--not act as a way to hide our faces. Click to see the other FBFF posts at Oranges and Apples.
- I wasn't going to post this outfit but my mother said she liked it. I said what the hell. I've tried to wear this shirt a bunch of times but I feel like I'm swimming in it. I love the metallic vibe. Not fussy about the shape. Maybe I could pair it with a mini skirt. Let's count this shirt as misfit #10!
What do you think? Keep or toss?

- My little girl and I had the most fun today doing absolutely nothing. Full of laughing. She has a new belly laugh that I find hilarious. She has taken to really pronouncing "ha ha" when she laughs lately and at one point today, both of us were lying down on the floor watching Dora, giggling. These are the moments that I just want to hold onto forever.
- I had a skinny peppermint mocha today. Christmas is in sight. I've started writing Christmas posts. Too early?


In case you missed it...
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