Monday, September 26, 2011

my first misfit (nowhere near my last...)

Okay, I'm about to quote Megan from Feathers and Freckles (Megan: by the way, you can include me in your challenge--I may not do two weeks straight, but I definitely have 10 items, so I will finish this one, I promise) so listen to her introduce her 10x2 challenge of closet monsters:
We avoid those certain shirts that hang wrong, the pants that make us look 12 weeks pregnant, and the shoes that remind us of the time we threw up on them...Point is, we avoid certain items in our closet but we still hang onto them. [...] I try to purge, but when I start tossing things into a bag I begin imagining ways I could wear it and what kind of potential it has. Then they just go back on the hanger into the island of misfits and continue to be ignored.
How many people can relate to this--oh wait, everyone. I am freaking out (a little... okay, a lot) about posting these pictures, but none the less, here they are, and please, be brutally honest! This skirt was bought either in Winter or Spring of this year but has never been worn. First, I feel it has no shape, and bulges when belted giving me a fupa... if I don't already have one here. Also, I was hesitant to tuck this shirt in to this skirt because you can see it (the material and the way it hangs, it's inevitable) but this shirt is kind of another misfit. It has a band on the bottom that I hate so it sort of needs to be tucked. I got it at a garage sale for a dollar so feel free to let me know if this needs to be chucked too... For two misfits in one, I don't think it's that bad... but I also have no shape. WHY I choose to wear two misfits the same time is absolutely beyond me... Maegan told me to pair it with something else so I'll try it with her suggestion later in the week. Just to see if she has more vision than I do. She usually does!

Guys, I REALLY hate chucking clothes! So the opinion will be totally up to you guys!

first and second misfit(3)

misfit one: the shirt

first and second misfit(4)
misfit two: the skirt

first and second misfit(5)

first and second misfit(6)

I paired it with two different jackets just for the hell of it.

first and second misfit(2)

first and second misfit
Outfit details:
Shirt - Garage Sale
Skirt - F21
Shoes - Spring
Jean Jacket - Urban Plant
Blazer - One of Maegan's misfits! Ha! Three misfits!
Cable Chain Bracelet - F21
Earrings - Charlotte Russe
Clutch - A gift (ANOTHER misfit--wow, never worn...)

 Be honest!

PS. I definitely made a huge mistake trying to tuck this shirt in with this skirt because you can see the bunch... Maybe the shirt could work with something more structured?

PPS. I've considered deleting this post like 8 times in the past 30 seconds!

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