Friday, November 11, 2011

monthly goals


Accessorize more.
I've been doing very well with time management lately--but when something has to go, I usually run out the door forgetting to accessorize.

Healthy eating habits.
The best way to teach is by example. Everyone knows this. However, sometimes as a parent we think we can hide things about us or separate certain rules--for example, Daddy's "juice" is Daddy's and little girl's have different juice. AKA pepsi. Daddy drinks too much pepsi! Mommy does too but only when Daddy is home. My nasty horrible habit? Snacking. No more snacking, Mommy. It's a habit. It's what my taste buds have come to crave. The truth stands clear: I feel better without this junk in my body. Lately, I've been having stomach trouble and I'll be damned if it isn't partially due to my lack of exercise and poor eating habits. Lately. I used to be a health food nazi when my daughter was younger and I've started to fall short. I have to remember: the healthy eating habits I am trying to teach my daughter should reflect in my lifestyle. We all know she only wants what's on Mommy's plate!

Accept who you are.
I am a perfectionist in certain areas of my life; what remains is chaos and often disaster. When I become amused with something, I obsess about it until I feel I'm doing the best I can. When it comes to blogging, I need to accept I only have so much time I can spend here. I'm not Blair or Kendi and I never will be. My favorite collection of photos to date has been this one (see here) because I had the extra time to spend taking the photos. I know I can be great when I try. It pains me that I can't spend every waking moment perfecting my "art"--until I remember who I am. I am many things, meaning it makes me a mediocre blogger. It's not my job (but hello, it would be an awesome one). And that has to be fine. Because I need to be an amazing mother and a caring lover and a compassionate teacher. In these areas, I need to be brilliant. November, here's to being a "just another fashion blogger" and a better lover/mother/teacher.

Put up two new videos this month. Sing more.
Last month, I had planned on one, but since I let myself down in this area, it has carried over!

Teach every lesson with new ears. Pretend it's your first lesson, every lesson.
This is always a good reminder. Pedagogy lessons with Meg...still looking forward to them.

For the love of God, laugh more.
I think this speaks for itself. What's more positive than laughing?

Spend more quality time together in the form of doing new things.
This one has to stay. While in Busch Gardens, we had the most fun I think we've ever had together. We got on roller coasters. If that's not doing something different, I don't know what is. Anyway, I want to keep it here and try to do something new back home.

PS. December, I'll be on time with you, I promise!


DSC_0650October was beautiful. Overall, I think I accomplished a lot. I was braver with my colors here, here and here by pairing unusual colors together or using fashion faux pas. I have found that taking sets of pictures all the one time has certainly made my life more enjoyable both for me and for everyone else. Sometimes it's harder because I find it stressful trying to think of outfits on the fly, but if I write down ideas or outfits I've worn, it won't be hard to throw on and shoot and repeat. Jeff and I didn't spend any extra time with each other during this month, but I found that I cherished each moment I was with him. I loved his company. We had great conversation. We laughed. I'm keeping the goal on the list because I enjoyed it. I'm disappointed I didn't sing more or find more enthusiasm in my job. I only had one ped lesson so I'm still looking forward for things to start. As for blogger participation... I'm not going to participate just for the sake of being involved. There are other ways. I've been trying to connect with other bloggers more on a meaningful level and I am enjoying the community.


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