Wednesday, October 5, 2011

monthly goals


Be braver with my colors.
I would like to start stepping outside my comfort zone when it comes to predictable color palates in my outfit posts. This should be great inspiration for including some pink in my wardrobe: I'm participating in Blogging for Breast Cancer Awareness since October is all about that. Click the button on the side of my blog for more details!

Photograph multiple outfits on the same day.
This will free up my week... so I can spend more quality time with the baby. Even though I do most blog work during nap times, this isn't going to happen forever, and I'd enjoy the nap too... I have an issue with this sometimes, because it means I didn't wear it all that day, but realistically, I can't post outfits I wear on the days I wear them, and the outfits I take pictures of I have either worn or plan to wear... so what's the big deal! If it improves quality of life than there's no real decision to be made.

Thursday Lovelies, Sunday Smiles, Monday's Color Brigade, Blogging for Breast Cancer Awareness--all positive upbeat communities!

Put up a new video this month. Sing more.
One of the main reasons I started my blog was to share my voice. And I've been blogging for months now and I only have two videos and a list of songs I want to sing. I see something wrong here!

Teach every lesson with new ears. Pretend it's your first lesson, every lesson.
Pedagogy lessons with Meghan are what I'm looking forward to.

Read this. Please.

Spend more quality time together in the form of doing new things.


Starting this month, I am going to write up a list of goals. They may be small or large, but I am going to print them off and post them somewhere where I will see them every day. Possibly in my bathroom so I can read them while I brush my teeth. When I started my blog, this was really important to me, but it has fallen to the side. I want to motivate myself again.

On another note, I wish I could do my hair like this myself. My new goal (no limit on this one; I just want to learn before I die) is to achieve this myself. Alyssa Ashley did my hair for this photoshoot--and afterward I took the elastic out. And that's as much as I had to do with this. But it's so pretty... I love the volume.

Anyway, I'll be sure to update you on any attempts.

That's all from me today!


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