Saturday, November 19, 2011

i happen to like wearing potato sacks, tyvm

Easy-peasy. Today, I wear my mustard crop top. I love the color. However, desperately searching for something that I can wear with jeans.

Outfit details: F21 crop top & skirt & bangle, Charlotte Russe shoes, Smart Set necklace

I had no desire to belt this top. There, I said it. I worried for a bit what some people might think when I posted this, but then said shag it. I felt really cute and casual wearing it like this and thought it was a nice was to dress down the skirt. I've also said before on the blog I don't mind wearing potato sacks.

Also, the little girl left crying "Mommy got you, Mommy got you" as she went with her Dad this morning. Ouch, my heart. See you tomorrow, baby girl.

That'll be all,

In case you missed it...
A closet misfit: Help me decide whether or not I'm going to chuck this from my closet.
I've decided I'll try tucking it into a skirt, but I don't wear skirts all that often believe it or not, so I'm wondering if it's waste to hold on to it.

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