Friday, November 25, 2011

casual uniform

outfit details:
cotton on scarf
f21 leggings [buy]
f21 dress [similar, without the tie/pleats here (teal), here (grey), here (mint) ]

I read Decoding Dress's post about why she wasn't participating in No Make up week and this quote really spoke to me: "It fascinates me that there is interest and enthusiasm among my fellow fashion bloggers in a “no makeup” day but (and I’m making an assumption here, I admit) probably very little in a “sweats and tee shirts” day." Then I got a comment from one of my readers mentioning they disliked it when bloggers always appeared perfect on their blogs. For me, this definitely is not the case. I wouldn't be able to even if I tried.

It got me thinking... This is what I wear when I'm having a "sweats and t-shirt day". In other words, my go-to lazy day uniform. I know it's not the most stylish ensemble, but it works for me and it is even comfier than sweats and a t-shirt. If I happen to leave the house, I would pair a nice long cardigan and/or coat and some knee high boots with this. I have a collection of both, so either would work. I had a picture taken of this with my outerwear but Maegan said I looked depressed (everyone should have wonderful & honest friends) and I agreed. Some brighter colors and a new day later... here I am. I find it noteworthy that I have this dress in four colors. The funny thing is I'm not even that crazy about it. I definitely have pieces that are far more flattering (were the tie sits a little below my natural waist it makes me appear bigger than I am). I think the good thing about this is I know how to improve on this look: I've been collecting more flattering versions of this outfit. I still hang on to these dresses only because they are modest and comfy (perfect for teaching Kindermusik and other Mom-things).

What do you wear when you want to be cozy?

& a cameo from the little girl who steals Mommy's bracelets and shoes ;)

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