Sunday, October 9, 2011

sixth misfit


MISFIT: The skirt. Keep, toss or restyle?

Outfit details: Shoes - borrowed from my mother in law who clearly has great style
Shirt - Gap, Skirt - LuLu*s, Jewelry - F21,
Armani watch
Sparkles of Hope bracelet (if you haven't, go see the movie 50/50... wow, what a film)


I'm sorry guys. Someone please teach me how to use an iron! My god. I swear, I promise if I keep this skirt I will iron it!

The problem: this skirt is too big and needs to be taken in. A simple task to fix if you like it. Or I can chuck it. At the moment it's even too big to tie a belt around because it bunches. 

I promise I will get back to everyone who has been giving me feedback. I really love and appreciate all of your support! I'm wearing the trench today at work and it fits better with a tank top underneath. I just won't be able to layer it. I'm also wearing it as suggested--paired down with some jeans! This challenge has definitely helped me rekindle some love for neglected items in my closet.


In case you missed it...
10x2 "closet monster" challenge:
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