Thursday, March 29, 2012

go to Spring outfit (Kultur und Stil)

Hi, I'm Anita from Kultur und Stil, a blog where I write about mainly about fashion and how to dress with a normal budget for cultural events. This is my go-to spring outfit for work:

... and my outfit for a night at the opera, I wore it last Sunday for Wagner's Valkyrie at the Bavarian State Opera in Munich:

xxx Anita

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I hope you enjoyed Megan's post yesterday! She is the sweetest. And funny as hell. If you don't have her on your reading list, then you should put her there right now! Check back Thursday for Anita of Kultur und Stil!

This is Stronger by Kelly Clarkson as promised!

My go to Spring style... a little grey dress from Forever 21 that I love to wear. Or any type of little jersey dress. Here's the rest of the outfit (worn 2 ways):
1, to work, with a Forever 21 shirt & blazer and my black sexy boots and
2, casually with a Forever 21 shirt & Gap jean jacket, random amazing scarf, and La Posh Style boots to take my little one out for some Mommy-Daughter bonding time.

What's your favorite? I prefer the casual look (if you ask me though, I will say that, always). I wear this little dress in the summer all of the time--it gets a lot of wear.

Also, I'm super jealous of all the other bloggers out there showing off their bare legs. But for me, here in Newfoundland--a jean jacket reminds me of Spring ;) ...just warm enough not to have to wear a chunky coat! (ps, I was still freezing!)


hope you're having a great week...

Monday, March 26, 2012

go-to Spring outfit (feathers & freckles)

Hi, I'm Megan from Feathers & Freckles and I love adding lots of (thrifted) color to my wardrobe during the spring. Here is my go-to day outfit:


...and my go-to night outfit:

Hello everyone--Over the next week I have a series of guest posts for you. Some very talented bloggers are going to be showing you their take on Spring! Simple go to outfits. I really hope you enjoy the round up. I especially love Megan's first look, don't you? I love the pastels on her. She looks gorgeous! Enjoy, 

Friday, March 23, 2012

weekly round up

Here's what I wore worth showing this week (aka anytime I was out of my pajamas!):


I have a great list of guest bloggers for you on the topic of go to Spring outfits! This is convenient considering the only way I've been incorporating Spring into my wardrobe is through, well, florals, because it's still very WINTER in Newfoundland! So excited! Starting Monday! Please check back to see :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

quick snap

Back on track soon enough. My tripod got locked in my vehicle (which was in the garage for about a week) and I had no one to snap any photos this week...except my trusty iPhone. So this post has been brought to you by instagram. From left to right...


1-3: Enjoying the snow.
4. Gap legging jeans, F21 fringe top, gifted scarf, moto jacket from Wilson's Leather Outlet
5. F21 fringe back top, Revlon love that pink lipstick
6. Trench from wilson's leather outlet, Gap dress, F21 shoes
7. Organizing pastel's in my closet
8. F21 top, Gap 1969 skimmers
9. DKNY dress, F21 blazer & necklace

Sunday, March 11, 2012

monthly goals

shoes from my mother in law
forever 21 blazer, dress & reconstructed necklace

1. Take care of your body AND your mind.
2. Be honest AND outspoken.
3. Don't worry. For there isn't any reason to if you've done nothing wrong.
4. Be the bigger person. REMEMBER: the bigger person CAN say no.
5. Stand up for yourself and more importantly, for those you love.
6. Don't be selfish, for not everything is about you.
7. Smile more.
8. Laugh more.
9. Sleep more.
10. Tweet less.

February went by so fast that I can hardly remember it.


Monday, March 5, 2012

playing with neutrals

forever 21 polka dot tank, silver jewelry & tuxedo blazer, revlon smoked peach 013 lipstick
sparkles of hope bracelet, charlotte russe grey jeans, spring nude pumps

I hope everyone is having a great start to the week. Mondays are one of my favorite days.

Here's an outfit in hopes you'll forget that I'm a little late on this month's goals! Shame shame shame! How do you like my curtains? I left them down because they worked with the color palate I have going on here, but usually I tuck them up in the curtain rods. Now you know my secret!

I read some requests for "Stronger" and I happen to love that song so I'm working on it! Thank you for the suggestions! I really appreciate them--they are so helpful!


Friday, March 2, 2012

pop! of pink

forever 21 kimono cardigan & satin shorts
belt from a different forever 21 shirt
sparkles of hope bracelet, charlotte russe pink tights
studded booties from my mom, necklace borrowed from maegan

Happy Friday!

We are planning on just laying low today and playing with the little girl. Fridays are always bittersweet.
I'm on a bit of a Kelly Clarkson kick lately. She is so beautiful and her voice is amazing. I'm a huge fan of her last two singles and thinking I might try and cover one this weekend. Thoughts? Are there any songs you'd like to hear? My sister wants me to cover So Small by Carrie Underwood. Jessie J has great upbeat music but I'm a little terrified of touching her songs.
Jeff and I have been out shopping around for a condenser mic to make recording a little easier...and sound more professional. I am dying with excitement! We haven't found anything yet and I don't know much about it. I have a lot of reading to do...

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

tval's birthday bash

How's everyone doing on this lovely Thursday? I mentioned two posts back that I was invited to celebrate Tval's birthday party last week! I had a fabulous time. The staff was a riot--very friendly, loads of fun. After I ate my weight in cupcakes, hummus and crackers, I snapped some pictures, got suited up with a new mineral foundation (that I'm planning to review on the blog) and was surprised with some other goodies.
Disclosure: I just want everyone to know that I'm not doing this for profit! I received some products that I offered to review on the blog because I honestly love this store so much. I'll tell you why after the jump!


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