Friday, November 18, 2011

need your help!


I think I've been burning out for a while now. I've been finding it hard to sleep lately. I can't go to bed early tonight because I have too much to do around the house! Yes, folks, this is how I spend my Friday nights. Plus, I want to spend some extra time with the little girl before she goes out with her Dad tomorrow...

2 Questions!
Misfit shirt: Keep or toss? The front is funny. I had to pin it to get it to lay right and it still looks funny as I look down at it. I bought it in Zara in NY because I desperately wanted a nice white shirt... First one I tried on had a tag reading "do not wash" so I settled on this one. I've yet to wear it since February. What do you think?


What's the best way to wash something that is 100% rayon? I have been having problems. This is what I do: hand wash in cold water, smoosh it around or let it soak, rinse in cold water, attempt to stretch it out with my hands ever so slightly because at this point it has shrunken... lay flat to dry...
It normally looks funny at the end of it all. Shrunk. A hole. Disformed. Pick one any one. Any tips for me?

outfit details: garage distressed skinnies, madden booties (from ross), cotton on scarf, zara top, f21 bracelet

Call me crazy, but I wish either Starbucks or Tim Hortons delivered. Seriously. I bet they'd have a lot of business.


PS. Only realized I forgot all about Friend Friday as I was previewing my post. Wow, busy week, no kidding!

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