Tuesday, January 31, 2012

winter lace


This is how I do lace in winter. I'm a big fan. I think it looks very soft, adds some texture, and it is perfect and delicate next to the snow storm outside my window. I was very inspired by this piece both when picking the outfit and taking the pictures (you're probably thinking october in january? really?), but unfortunately, I lost the majority of the shoot on Saturday when my computer spazzed out mid-transfer... That's the most technical term I could think of. I don't really understand what happened. Anyway, this is what was left of the shoot. If you haven't heard this song before, I suggest you listen. It's gorgeous. My next post will be my monthly goals and January recap so I'll see you in a couple of days. Enjoy your week everyone!

forever 21 lace top, necklace & tank top, thrifted belt, j crew wool skirt, j crew bracelet from @justpatie
shoes from either ross or marshalls (gift), revlon lipstick (color upon request)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

dance dance dance

I'm not much of a dancer. Watch. I'll prove it to you.

f21 suede jacket, necklace (new chain) & skirt
gap t-shirt (from maegan), booties from my mom

Lots of things make me dance:
1. Domino - Jessie J

this song has gotten 22 million views since Dec 26th...hello, not surprised...
of course I was dancing to this while I was snapping these photos

2. Having a Saturday SNOW DAY
3. 100% Suede Jackets on sale... 50$ baby!
4. Revamping a necklace.
I love this pendant... & one of my other necklaces broke. Meant to be!
5. Studded booties.

Things get better.
This is the inspiration for my post today:

Things that make me cry:
1. Spending your day off taking outfit photos for the next month and loosing half of them. Ohhhhh dear. A frustrated mess am I,

Friday, January 27, 2012

a starting point

I have the power to change.
I decide what goes into my body.
I make the choice to take care of my body... or not.
I can be motivated.
Bad habits are not addictions.

Don't Whine, Don't Cry: My Challenge
DSC_0458Set up tripod in a location where after you get dressed you can snap ONE picture after you go out the door.
Don't look at it.
Don't give yourself the opportunity to dislike it.
Smile. Fantastic.
Out the door.

This is not for the purpose of a photo shoot to post on the blog, and not even a memorable outfit day post, but this is for me: get dressed and smile before you go out the door--be proud of your body and of your progress. 

I just surprised myself: as I wrote that last line, I just started to cry. I haven't been proud of myself in a long time (in this area of my life). You can tell from my lack of posts. I just took out the scale and weighed myself. I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight. This, for most people, is a celebration, but not for me. I lost ten pounds after I had my daughter and I looked the best I did in my entire life. People who hadn't seen in me in a few years looked at me, surprised, noting how slim I looked in comparison. Now I get the comment that I'm "rounding up again", and it's shot my confidence to hell. And I complain about it a lot. I'm not going to do it anymore. For one, no one, including myself, wants to hear it. Nor do they care. 
I've been wearing clothes that have been hiding my shape. I've been avoiding certain items in my closet. I don't want to do that anymore. 
I watched a video last night about a boy who died of a rare heart condition who said he felt like he could die because he was proud of his life. Can you say that? In many areas of my life, I feel I am quite happy--not perfect--but this... I haven't worked hard enough. 
This is my challenge: Don't whine. Don't cry. Work hard. 

My motivation:

My daughter.
Teaching my daughter a healthy lifestyle: leading by example is the ONLY way to teach this.

A Picture.
Digging up some pictures of myself from when I was at my goal weight. Looking at them when I want to give up.

I am in control.
Knowing that I am in control of my body and what it looks and feels like. The only time I cheat on my goal is when I feel like nothing will change. I feel powerless. Hopeless. Apathetic.

My closet.
You may laugh, but it's true... if I don't change, I may as well bag up half of my closet and ship it to good will. This is a personal reminder of items I'd like to wear again...


I hope you don't think I've been too honest. I'm publishing this before I change my mind! Have a great weekend everyone.


Monday, January 23, 2012

hand crafted treasures


Jeff and I had a lovely date night at the Winterholme. Promise me if you come to Newfoundland and stay on the east coast, you will stay at this heritage inn. This post will probably sound sponsored, but it isn't, I am just very much in love with this house (my mother honeymooned here!!). Each piece in this house was carved by hand in the early 1900's. Simply beautiful.


I love all of the detailing work on the outside of the house... the inside is even more remarkable...
What I wouldn't give to have this gorgeous white fireplace in my house... What a statement! Who am I kidding... maybe one of those antique chairs... or the staircase... ;)

I can't possibly get my head around all of the work that went into this house. It blows my mind. There I am posing on the little bench in the room we stayed in... Outfit from Gap, necklace from Forever 21. I'm loving these striped boat neck shirts. Very modest and flattering to statement necklaces. Quick note: All of F21's winter selection is now on sale since the rest of the world is preparing for Spring. However, our Winter is just starting here. I just bought some things off the site actually that I was really excited about: a suede jacket (half price) and a wool blend coat (only 35$!)... great sale!

Thank you Loren from The Inclined Plane for awarding me her Leibster award! I'll get around to showing everyone my list in the very near future. At the moment, I have to run. I have a date with my man! I sincerely hope you appreciate the beauty of this house! I certainly did!


Saturday, January 21, 2012

my week via instagram

Hello everyone! I've missed you all! Here are little snaps of my week:


Seven things:
1.  My snuggly unexpected day off that consisted of a warm blanket, a strangely nerdy (good) book and a glass of wine. Mmm. Cozy.
2. Beautiful church downtown.
3. Pop of red amongst the snow and fog. This, I thought, was gorgeous.
4. My date night outfit: black blazer and purple dress from f21.
5. New favorite lipstick: revlon sky pink.
6. Cake: Jeff and I made that last night. Well, I use that term loosely. I call myself the "artistic director": I bitched about the bow until it was placed right and bugged Jeff until I thought it looked nice. And I made the little roses. And that's about all I did. I think Jeff did an excellent job... I can't wait to eat it.
7. Tim Horton's cup sizes are getting bigger. Best news I heard this year.

PS. Please read my post titled "STOP SOPA" if you are a blogger like myself and would like to know how this bill would affect you.

Okay everyone--I hope you are having a lovely weekend! I'm off to enjoy my date night :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

stop sopa

Some of the sites I clicked on today, such as Wikipedia and my friend's blog Batshite (please visit), were experiencing a self-induced black out in protest to SOPA. I am against this bill because it will change the entire internet. I'm most upset about how it would affect youtube/video sharing. I wouldn't be able to post any covers anymore without actually owning the rights. There are tons of ways this bill affects normal internet use, so if you haven't, please read into it if you haven't already. Being a part of the blogging community, we really need to stand up since it would affect us directly.

Quote from this website:
  • Gives the government the right to unilaterally censor foreign websites.
  • Gives copyright holders the right to issue economic takedowns and bring lawsuits against website owners and operators, if those websites have features that make it possible to post infringing content.
  • Makes it a felony offense to post a copyrighted song or video.
This bill turns us all into criminals.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

the monkey dance


Today I am enjoying the company of my family and my wonderful man is cooking me a big traditional Newfoundland supper. Mmm. I'm a sucker for gravy. There, I said it.

My monthly goals in mind, I have to say this since it's Sunday: I will sing every night this week. I will run twice this week. No matter how silly I feel in front of Jeff. Is it just me? Am I the only one who feels silly and vulnerable in front of their partners working out? I heard once that they find it quiet the opposite--very sexy. Well, I don't know what I would call it. A monkey dance of sorts.


My Kindermusik classes start this week! If you're in my area and you'd like to join my class please drop me a line. I'm undecided as to whether or not I want to keep Mia in a separate class so that I can focus purely on her. It means paying and going to a separate studio, but I like studying the other teachers as well. I learn so much. I find it well worth the money.

forever 21 coat, cardigan, necklace
levi's high waisted jeans, garage tank top
j crew bracelet from @justpatie


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

sing like no one is listening

Outfit snippets via Instagram:

work outfit: f21 shirt, cobalt blue pants from American Eagle, la posh style boots, sirens cardi
J Crew bracelet from @justpatie, and a pop of unexpected color with my necklace
Coming home from snapping photos for this post.
I was really happy with the way those photos turned out!
trying out some sheer stripes--like it or not?
my favorite slouchy hoodie has a debut on the blog... ;)

And as promised... I'm posting both videos today on a whim. I'll give a brief explanation as to why I love each song below.

A Cover of A Thousand Years by Christina Perri
This song has beautiful lyrics and the prettiest chords. That alone makes a good song. There isn't much to it. It's really easy to sing; there's nothing challenging in it, but I feel that the emotion behind it is real and it pulls me in... It's funny... I'm not much of a romantic when it comes to flowers and chocolates and surprises, but sit me down and blast a song that tugs on my heart, and I'll weep like a baby. Music makes me feel alive. Like I said, there isn't much to this song, but the quietness of it is what I find beautiful.

A Cover of Still Hurting from The Last Five Years by Jason Robert Brown
This song is a part of who I am in such a real way that I almost separate myself from it when I sing it. It takes a lot out of me to really sing this song, but I think I did a good job of it on this night... it's a shame I had to look like Anne of Green Gables, but I'm hoping you'll get distracted. I feel like this song makes a lot of sense to anyone who has ever had a broken heart, regardless if you have seen the musical or not--but I really recommend you do.

Thank you so much for listening: means the world to me!

Anyone notice my Tim Horton's mug? Can I make it anymore obvious that I am Canadian? Haha!
Have a good week everyone <3
Keep in touch with me over Twitter!

In case you missed it...
menswear inspired outfit
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

it's all about the climb

forever 21 jeans, shirt & tuxedo blazer
american apparel white chiffon button up
j crew bracelet from just patience @justpatie
boots from my mother in law

Like I have said a million times before, getting out alone with my camera for even 30 minutes is therapeutic. And just fun. Especially when I discover amazing places to take outfit photos. It would be even better if it wasn't during a time when 30 people drive by, stare at me with a very confused look and ponder what I am doing. Some of you may have noticed this combo before--this is the winter version of this outfit.

I recorded three songs  last night. Two covers and one original. I figure I must be committed to showing you "the real me" because I filmed all three in my braids. Yep--these waves come from two french braids, meaning for a day, I strut my stuff like Anne of Green Gables. Hopefully my singing will distract you.

Does anyone know how posting original material is protected via youtube? Or not protected? Is it safe to say I can argue I created it if it is posted under my name? Probably not, hey. Or is it hard to prove then that I am me since I am just an "account name". I'm a little weary of posting the original song, but none the less, I have two others coming. All thanks to Jeff who has been more than encouraging about the goals I've been setting. I love him bunches and bunches... I have to thank everyone for being so supportive about the monthly goal posts. They are the most challenging posts to write, but they are so worth it.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

monthly goals


Be instinctive.
I go into my closet and pick out something on a whim, throw it on, then take it off because I analyze it so much that I think it's weird. Well, I've decided that I'm going to try to combat those thoughts. There's really no harm in trying. Everything's an experiment. The worst that can happen is I'll look weird. I can live with that.

Turn negative thoughts into positive ones.
Last month's "I am beautiful...even with a few pounds on" didn't really work with me. Getting caught in a negative thought cycle isn't great when it's attacking self esteem. This month, I am going to try my hardest to tell myself that I am worth the effort it takes to get back into shape. Instead of dwelling... I need to start training my thoughts, turning them into will power, and using that energy to focus on being a healthier me.

Plan meals.
Jeff loves to do this with me so I have been blessed with a wonderful man. We enjoy going through our cook books and deciding what we're going to have through out the week. It saves money, reduces suppertime stress and makes sure we don't eat junk that takes 15 minutes to cook on the days we are tired.
Treadmill 2 times a week.
Quite honestly, if I get on it twice a week for an hour, it's a start. Does anyone know if it's bad to exercise at night and then go to bed? Three days a week it's impossible for me to exercise as soon as the little one goes to bed. One night is date night. That leaves three nights free to exercise.

Smile more.
It may seem like I'm pushing this goal to the bottom burner, but I'm not. I let little things get in the way of enjoying my day. I say "no" too often as opposed to redirecting her to more positive things. I spend too much time "watching" and not enough time "playing". As parents, it's just as much our job to teach while playing as it is to feed and clothe our children (as least I believe it to be so). 
In Kindermusik, I teach my parents to scaffold: to watch our children to see if they evolve their playing into trying something new. Then for us as parents to mimic and build upon that skill by encouraging something else based upon the skills they already have. 
It's important sometimes to just act like a kid. I need to use my advice more often. Separate from the tv/computer/phone. Not that television is bad--don't get me wrong, I think it can be great in some ways--but occasionally, it can rob us of our most precious moments. I need to get my hands dirty and be more hands on. Then, I think I will smile more.

I am trying to redirect my blog--bring it back to it's roots. December was a hard month for me. I took a step away--that's okay and healthy in my opinion. When I started, I had meant for this space to be a place for fashion, personal goals and positive thinking. I don't want it to become a journal of sorts. I scrapbook at home for that. I'll admit, it's much easier to document here, but this is not the place for it. In the spirit of the new year, I am going to pull back into what I had originally wanted.

URGENT: Sing more.
This is like the classic New Years resolution that always fails for me. It's always on the back burner. So sad. This month it's critical for me to practice because I have to sing in a competition in February and I want to be prepared. In my opinion, in order to be fully prepared I should have been practicing these songs in September, but let's look ahead: if the professionals can do it, I can... try to do it. (Not recommended, though.)

Have empathy. Have patience. Most importantly, have purpose. Last month's goal is hard to beat, and better yet, I never want to let that phrase go. It's important to me. However, I need to remember that as a teacher, when I don't have the answers or if something isn't registering with a certain student, it's my job to educate myself further. I need to learn new ways to teach. Try new things. 
Even more, I want to learn more pedagogy from Meg, but she is pregnant, and I fear that with my performance coming up, we will be focusing more on my singing than anything else. It's all related, everything helps, but it would be nice to do more book work in the future.

Smile more. Laugh often.
Seeing double? As I said previously, but in a different way, I spend too much time thinking and expecting and wishing and hoping and not enough DOING. There's no relationship inside my head, and if there is, it is a lonely one. The only way to grow is to come outside of my head and be present. To let things go when they really don't matter. To laugh (seriously, it won't kill you to laugh). To relax (what is that, again?)...


DSC_0048 Well, I got dressed. It would've been tragic if I had bypassed that little goal. I did get on the treadmill. I've been speed walking to Gossip Girl. It's working for me. I succeeded in posting a Christmas song. I've become addicted to Twitter, so that takes care of my desire to connect--though not fully. I believe it makes a big difference when you share your thoughts on someone's post. They put so much time into creating them and I've developed some friends that I'd like to maintain.
 I think I did a great job of keeping my mind in the moment of the day. Whether I was working on the blog, or spending time with my family, my mind was with me. That's the most important thing.

Blogging was definitely difficult throughout the holiday season. I hope to create some sort of new schedule for the new year. The time I usually take my photos has been filled by work so I'm a little nervous about how this will play out.

Teaching last month was great, though a little uninspiring since my students and I were scrambling to prepare for recitals. This month, however, I am excited and refocused.
I have been dreading writing this post to address the positive thinking goal I set for myself. The only thing I can say for sure is that as long as I am working towards a goal (such as daily exercise and healthy eating) there isn't much else I can do and I need to be happy with the progress I am making--just by putting the effort in.
At some point I need to make an effort to write these posts on time. But then again, I rarely do anything on time.


In case you missed it...
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Coming up...

a thousand years (piano/voice cover)
inspired menswear and a surprise location

Friday, January 6, 2012


gap striped shirt, levi's high waisted jeans, calvin klein blazer

I'm dropping in to let you all see what I wore today. I decided to force my sister to take photos of my outfit as a trade off for driving her to work. Nothing beats (very very) rushed iPhone photos (these are the best two out of...three).

I'm working on my goals for January, feeling bad for Jeff as he sits on the other side of the room playing with his new toy, in his words: "a... actually I don't even know what it's called... hang on... a W-D TV live." Very good, honey. It's like a portable hard drive that connects to your television. All I know is that it's going to help me run on my treadmill, as I watch Gossip Girl and cry over Chuck and Blair. Trashy television has a place in my heart. Please don't judge me! I somehow find it very comforting to fall in love with fictional characters.

I need your help. See below, gorgeous Forever 21 necklace but it's too short. I would like to find a replacement chain to have the pendant hang below the bust. Anyone know where I could find one?


I can't seem to put an outfit together lately that isn't inspired by a zebra.

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend,

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011. favorites.

Be authentic. Be passionate. Be supportive.
Be authentic to yourself and your audience.
Be passionate about what you love and go after it.
Be supportive of your fellow bloggers and they will support you back.
- Kim of eat.sleep.wear.

Is this true of you and your blog? If not, how can you bring it back to where it should be? I've been taking some time to think about where I would like this blog to go and how I want it to grow. I can say the same for myself. When I set my goals for January (which should be in the next day or so) I will let you know. I would like to thank my readers for supporting me, especially those of you who have taken the time to connect with me on a personal level. I have picked up some friends along the way. It's been fun. Here are some of my favorites; a recap of 2011.





misfit four
misfit five

ootd2 09/18/11




PhotobucketDSC_0546i can be many things, everyday fashion

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