Thursday, September 22, 2011

remixed pink jeans and stripes!

I'm doing a mini series on my pink jeans because I wore them for a few days straight... :) I've created three looks with the same pants and jewelry--yet all three have a completely different look.

ootd5 09/20/11

ootd9 09/20/11

Today I teach my henceforth affectionately nicknamed " musical baby aerobics" otherwise known as Kindermusik class. That didn't have to be such a long sentence but I'm sticking with it and hopefully I haven't lost you at the second sentence!

I haven't shopped in so long. I feel like my impulses are screaming at me every day to check online shopping sites but I have been really good and I've actually had a lot of will power. I find grocery shopping the hardest. Joe Fresh is so great! You can find such gems there. I find it difficult waiting for things to drop in price because every time I go I try to scope out something new--but my new goal will be to watch my favorite items fall into the clearance rack. They have GORGEOUS camel cable knit sweaters there for 30$ that I'm waiting patiently for. If I can get a good enough deal, Jeff may let me break my non-shopping rules.

I also spotted camel corduroys... What do you think. I really wanted to buy them but they may be considered man repelling.

GOAL: If you shop, wait for the price to drop.
(And always tell Jeff. No secrets! --- Haha. Just putting this here for you, honey, because I know you're reading.)

ootd7 09/20/11

ootd6 09/20/11

I got a new student last night! She is older than most of my students, which for me is a huge deal because I'm so comfortable teaching 13 year olds now that when someone comes into my room that is close to my age I don't know where to begin or what to say. I had to do a triple take at first when she introduced herself to me only because I couldn't believe at first how old she was. It excites me because I can dig into some mature rep. It also scares me because lessons generally grow more serious and I find myself over-analyzing and criticizing my own abilities to the point of feeling minuscule... but I'm taking lessons and pedagogy coaching from an amazing teacher right now, so I need to sink into my learning instead of dwelling on my insecurities. It's so easy to focus on all of the things I don't know. No one stops learning and reaches their quota on singing. It's a constant process, a cycle of working on an issue and moving on to another issue... It doesn't stop. There is always room to improve. For everyone. In reality, I have a lot of knowledge that I can pass on. I need to remember that.

ootd8 09/20/11

ootd4 09/20/11
Outfit details:
Joe Fresh striped trapeze top; Spring nude shoes
Forever 21 pink jeans, tribal princess necklace, edgy cable chain bracelet
My bracelet broke later that night when I dropped it... I'm clumsy.


P.S. Hilarious out takes! I love them!

ootd4 09/18/11
When I took last post's pictures, it was so windy.
I had the tripod set up as low as it could go praying the wind wouldn't tip it over.
It was pushed all the way over in the corner against the house so that helped too.
I took these with the self timer so it was hit or miss and when I was looking through these photos,
I came across this one and laughed for about ten minutes--I think I was tired--
In Newfoundland, we would say "Windy day b'ys!"
Or Jeff would say...
"It's so windy out it'd blow the milk outta your tea."
That's his favorite one.

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