Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Not only did my mother call me crying...

... (and laughing, at the same time) telling me that this video was me in it's entirety, saying I must watch it to the end... it's also full of perfect moto jackets. Okay, this is creepy.

No, but seriously, the end of this video really is quite funny. And very me.

I may have done this before. Actually, I definitely have. Will you still read my blog now that I've admitted that?

On another note, this video is a little weird and has nothing to do with getting over someone! Anyone else find that odd?

Until tomorrow's outfit post,

In case you missed it...

I styled my closet monsters
(together, I know, what was I thinking, recipe for disaster) just so you can go and tell me to either 1) chuck them, 2) keep them, or 3) try to style them again. I'd love your input! This challenge comes to you by Megan of Feathers and Freckles, who desperately needs a blog button to share on the side of my blog so I can show all kinds of blog love :)

A gorgeous batch of moto jackets that I was drooling over about an hour before my mother called me!

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