Saturday, September 24, 2011

pink jeans (third remix)

Another work outfit. I love this look. Printed top, colored pants... Grey cardigan to tone it down a bit. I'm unfortunately really sick again so I may or may not find adequate posting time, but we'll see. You never know! Once again, I am using the jeans and jewelry to make three different looks. Tell me at the bottom which look you prefer!

ootd6 09/11/11

ootd4 09/11/11

ootd1 09/11/11
ootd3 09/11/11
Revlon "Love That Pink" lipstick
Forever 21 Edgy Cable Chain bracelet (it broke!) Tribal Princess Necklace, Grey Cardigan, Pink Jeans, Black and Pink Floral Ruffle Sleeveless Top, Black Heels
Armani watch
Sparkles of Hope bracelet (proceeds raising $$ for cancer research)
Garage Black Braided Belt
If you haven't noticed I am a huge fan of these hot pink jeans. Bravoe Runway also gives us three looks with them here so check it out if you are looking for more ways to style them. Below are my three looks; click on the picture to bring you to the full post.

ootd 09/18/11ootd8 09/20/11ootd6 09/11/11
Which look do you prefer?
Moto Jacket, Stripes or Floral? 


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