Tuesday, September 27, 2011

gorgeous... jackets (you're not surprised)

Can everyone take a minute to appreciate 1) this GORGEOUS jacket [um, please be mine], but also, 2) the amazing styling going on here? Were the jacket and bag made for each other? They must be... Also, paired with the yellow, something I would never do, but yet, totally works here, and the leopard leggings... and those glasses! And that ring! And that hair! Who is the girl? She's a babe!

This, I am also a fan of. I love this jacket. Simple, sweet, edgy yet perfectly feminine (all things I am looking for, as you very know if you've been following my ramblings--sorry, they're never-ending). Nothing can beat a pair of shorts with some layers on top. Isn't Autumn perfect for styling...

Look at this girl rocking the black and brown look. This totally works (for me, at least) because the brown acts as a color in this situation instead of a neutral. I've never seen brown look more vibrant. Anyone else agree? Um, also, the jacket! Sigh!

Anyone know who these ladies are? Pictures found via. Although it may seem the first jacket (the one that inspired me to post all these, as I know everyone is probably sick of me going on about these leather jackets) isn't something I would wear, I disagree. I know many people have a distinct style that you can pinpoint and catagorize, but I don't really think of my style as something I take really seriously... or limit! I love clothes. If I like it, and it seems to flatter my body type, then more than likely, I'll try to wear it. I don't want to put myself in a box that I can't stray from. I get bored easily. I like trying new things.

Look at this! First, the jacket fits everything in my must haves. Second, the styling... There is so much texture in this outfit. At first glance, it looks pretty standard, but then you see all the fantastic detail.  I love her slouchy hat!

Oh, shopping... I'll finally be reunited with you in a few weeks! I've been put on a hault until our trip. Realistically, I won't be shopping at all after the trip either, so I need to make a solid list and find the items I need. And then, Jeff tells me I can't wear any of it until after Christmas! Torture! I love you honey.

Until tomorrow's outfit post,

In case you missed it...
I styled my closet monsters (together, I know, what was I thinking, recipe for disaster) just so you can go and tell me to either 1) chuck them, 2) keep them, or 3) try to style them again. I'd love your input! This challenge comes to you by Megan of Feathers and Freckles, who desperately needs a blog button to share on the side of my blog so I can show all kinds of blog love :)

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