Sunday, October 16, 2011

number nine


Guest Post over at petite femme jolie today (well, yesterday, forgive me)! Please go and show her some love! Sam is a wonderfully positive person who never fails to put a smile on my face! Starting Thursday I'll have a string of guest posts for you as my family goes on vacation. This weekend was busy and wonderful: lots of quality time with friends and family, just the way I like it.

Also, I really love all my readers, so I'll keep you in on all the giveaways going on! You don't have to have a blog to enter them, all you have to do is leave a comment. Visit Modly Chic to read more about A Fashion Giveaway Extravaganza.

I am ready for this misfit challenge to end, folks. This item was not originally on the list, but since I tried to wear it Saturday night...took pictures...looked at the pictures...then ran upstairs, tore the dress off, and considered burning it... I then decided it was a horrible misfit and I should probably throw it out. I then changed into an outfit that was awesome, flattering and perfect but I didn't take a picture of it. Somebody please share my frustration! Anyone have this happen? I love the outfits I throw together without any thought. When I take pictures in clusters nothing turns out right. This is one of my October goals that just isn't working for me.

Please excuse my crooked-arse-face. I can't help it! I was so distraught by this dress! Is anyone screaming for me to keep this? The pack-rat in me still doesn't want me to throw this out... I envision myself frolicking in the woods or walking a trail in this someday. But every time I put it on I feel so...wide. Part of my problem is I saw someone gorgeous wearing it and really loved it and am slightly frustrated with how it looks on me. (Click the sentence if you've had this happen to you--Dress With Courage wrote an article about this last week; it's fantastic)

Anyway, what do I do when I try to make something work? Throw on my favorite things: military jacket and my favorite princess boots.

Outfit details:
Old Navy dress, Seychelles platinum boots, Smart Set necklace

dress: toss, keep?

Please help!

In case you missed it...
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