Monday, October 10, 2011

lucky number seven



Have you ever wanted something so bad you decided to settle for the next best thing? This sounds like a profound life lesson, and no doubt it is, but I suppose we shouldn't settle on clothes that's kind-of what we want either. It almost always ends badly. I am very happy with how this outfit came together and you will see why when you read more.


Playing with proportions is fun. But after a while of sifting through these photos, I started going googly-eyed.

Up to now, some have told me that my misfits aren't closet monsters at all. That they are somewhat acceptable. Somewhat. Well, this one, guys, is bad. This is the product of a craving for an amazing tulle skirt. I now have a tulle skirt, but it's a tulle skirt that is too big and too awkward to wear. So considering what I was working with, I think I did okay:




Outfit details: LuLu*s tulle skirt, Gifted satin top, Armani watch & F21 jewelry
shoes borrowed from my mother-in-law with great style

I need to say it--what is with this BAND? It ruins the entire skirt. Gorgeous layers of tulle...and this ugly band. This skirt is also really big. You'll see below--it nearly falls off when I try to wear it as a dress. It has a smocked back, so it should be snug and stretchy. I don't know why I was buying clothes that were too big for me. The site asked for measurements and I have a 30 inch waist...but I guess I'm supposed to order a few inches smaller?

Now I show you the three ways I saw the model wearing this skirt when I bought it. I don't recommend them. But I thought you could use a reason to smile on a Monday morning. Be happy--at least you're not wearing this today.

  This skirt makes me look sooooo wide!

Megan, I'm almost done... This is officially the funniest, greatest--but most horrifying--challenge ever. 

Happy Monday!


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