Wednesday, September 28, 2011

menswear inspired

ootd 09/28/11

First of all, I love how comfy this outfit is, yet it still looks pulled together. I am always looking for ways to style my white chiffon button up and I think it looks cute under this sweater. I originally pulled this striped sweater out as a misfit, because I've always called it my "ugly sweater" but... I like it. Your honest thoughts?

Thank you so much for everyone who commented on my first 10x2 challenge post! I love my readers! Everyone was so honest and gave lots of suggestions for the items they thought could work.  When my mother saw the post, she said "Holy crap, that outfit was ugly. All those comments were way too nice." There you have it. You're being too nice. Mother knows best.
VERDICT: re-style each item separately and then make my final decision.

ootd 09/28/11
TODAY'S GOAL: No checking the blog today! Or any others for that matter! Off to do something fun with the girlie! Play catch up tomorrow.

ootd 09/28/11
ootd 09/28/11
It's always SO windy!
ootd 09/28/11
forever 21 striped sweater
american apparel chiffon oversized button up
forever 21 satin shorts
forever 21 black heels
charlotte russe earrings

Have you seen the dynamic views on Blogger yet? What are your thoughts? Initially, I really liked them. I think they are very reader friendly. I'd like to see where people will modify the templates to suit their adds and contact/follow info. I like the feature that displays a spread from the first photo of every post--perfect for those of us seeking inspiration from our favorite style blogs. You click on an outfit, it brings you to the post. Wouldn't you love to see a spread of photos and pick through them in the morning when you're getting dressed to become inspired? :D Yes, please. From a blogger perspective, we put so much effort into our posts for them to be lost in archives--this wouldn't happen anymore. Awesome.

I had prepared to talk about something personal related to positive thinking but sometimes my posts have a way of writing themselves. Anyway, I'll work on that some more tonight, along with reading my pedagogy notes, printing music, editing photos, being a housewife, and teaching voice lessons! If I don't have a list of tasks to do, I'm so lazy--anyone else like this?


On another note...
In prep for my shopping trip, I've been thinking a lot about the way I shop and I've discovered my closet isn't as versatile as it should be considering the amount of items in my closet. Here's where you can help me:
What is the most versatile item in your closet?
What's lasted you the longest and held up to everyday wear and tear?

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