Tuesday, January 10, 2012

it's all about the climb

forever 21 jeans, shirt & tuxedo blazer
american apparel white chiffon button up
j crew bracelet from just patience @justpatie
boots from my mother in law

Like I have said a million times before, getting out alone with my camera for even 30 minutes is therapeutic. And just fun. Especially when I discover amazing places to take outfit photos. It would be even better if it wasn't during a time when 30 people drive by, stare at me with a very confused look and ponder what I am doing. Some of you may have noticed this combo before--this is the winter version of this outfit.

I recorded three songs  last night. Two covers and one original. I figure I must be committed to showing you "the real me" because I filmed all three in my braids. Yep--these waves come from two french braids, meaning for a day, I strut my stuff like Anne of Green Gables. Hopefully my singing will distract you.

Does anyone know how posting original material is protected via youtube? Or not protected? Is it safe to say I can argue I created it if it is posted under my name? Probably not, hey. Or is it hard to prove then that I am me since I am just an "account name". I'm a little weary of posting the original song, but none the less, I have two others coming. All thanks to Jeff who has been more than encouraging about the goals I've been setting. I love him bunches and bunches... I have to thank everyone for being so supportive about the monthly goal posts. They are the most challenging posts to write, but they are so worth it.


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