Wednesday, January 18, 2012

stop sopa

Some of the sites I clicked on today, such as Wikipedia and my friend's blog Batshite (please visit), were experiencing a self-induced black out in protest to SOPA. I am against this bill because it will change the entire internet. I'm most upset about how it would affect youtube/video sharing. I wouldn't be able to post any covers anymore without actually owning the rights. There are tons of ways this bill affects normal internet use, so if you haven't, please read into it if you haven't already. Being a part of the blogging community, we really need to stand up since it would affect us directly.

Quote from this website:
  • Gives the government the right to unilaterally censor foreign websites.
  • Gives copyright holders the right to issue economic takedowns and bring lawsuits against website owners and operators, if those websites have features that make it possible to post infringing content.
  • Makes it a felony offense to post a copyrighted song or video.
This bill turns us all into criminals.

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