Sunday, September 4, 2011

Someone Like You (cover)

Just realized while reading the comments I didn't show you how the dress (worn as a shirt) fell in the front. In every picture I posted yesterday I was pulling the fabric away. See yesterday's post for details!



I really suck at in-action walking pictures. This is why they are out takes!

Here it is! Video for you. I wish I had saved it for tomorrow so I could have called this Music Monday... but I already leaked that I was going to post today and I'm really excited. The music posts have been slow coming, but they are really what made me most excited to start the blog.

Please let me know if there is a particular song you'd like to hear
I love a good challenge.

Thank you for watching! I have a nice line up of posts for the next few days as I'm planning to do nothing else except...

GOAL: read, reply and do some commenting; spend good quality time with the family before work starts on Tuesday.

I'm off to enjoy the day; you should too! Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!


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