Saturday, September 3, 2011

in the 1/3 stretch

I'm a third of the way done my 30 days of outfit posts with the same thirty items. It is starting to make me hate some of my clothes. Others, I love.





Outfit details:
F21 dress, F21 jewelry, Garage white jeggings, Spring shoes.

I went to the house I grew up in today. It was the biggest disappointment I've had in a while. The entire place is overgrown and ratty. Here used to be my playhouse.



This used to be the concrete block my Dad put down, where he let us mash our hands into it, and the end result was beautiful. My dad's, my brother's and my hand were all next to each other on the bottom of the patio. It's either worn by time or they removed it. The people living there refused to let us take it when we moved. We even offered to replace it for them for nothing. We wanted it because my Dad passed away ten+ years ago. Now I can't even get a picture of it.

I have a surprise for you guys. Music post tomorrow. I'm excited. Singing Someone Like You--it won the poll :)

See you then!

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