Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Feel Pretty / Unpretty

I Feel Pretty / Unpretty cover (from Glee!)

This is the video I promised you. I posted it once before but took it down. I wasn't satisfied with it. Sometimes I think I'm too picky, but I said whatever, it's a blog, and there will be more! I recorded this with the help of one of my long time best friends Alyssa Ashley; we've been singing together for a long time and if you like it, we're hoping to record some more music soon. I'm playing piano, although you may think I'm lying because you can't see my fingers. Also, I hope you enjoy my wonderfully stylish old make up and cozy Modcloth sweater. I'm hoping the fashion police will be distracted by my singing today :)

This morning wasn't bad! Thursday mornings over the summer are my Kindermusik camp mornings; a music and movement class for children ages 0-7 with a primary focus on healthy childhood development. That means early rise, so we set an alarm and woke up to ducks quacking, my choice of alarm sound, and surprisingly, I didn't even hear it. What I did hear was the baby in the other room screaming "quack! quack! quaaaaaaaaack cockadoodle doooo"! Okay, all rise! She crawls in bed with us every morning to watch cartoons before we get up. Who doesn't love a good cuddle...

Now, I'm off to prep for class!


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