Wednesday, December 7, 2011

monthly goals


Just get dressed.
Lately, I've been staying in pajamas a lot... Regardless whether I take photos of my outfit or not, I should still be getting dressed. I blame it on wanting to be comfortable, but I know it's not the primary reason. Which leads into something else I should talk about...

I am beautiful.
Gaining a few pounds does not make me ugly. It does not change my appearance so much that I should want to stay in my pajamas all day. I do not need to feel guilty for publishing the words "I am beautiful". Even if I do have a few pounds on.

Use treadmill.
My logic: if I get on the treadmill, it will start a chain reaction. I'll want to eat better. This has always been the case for me. Maybe on the nights that I am not working, I can get on the treadmill for 30 minutes and watch a show on TV--better than watching a show in bed and snacking...

Actively use your time.
The difference between actively and passively using your time is (in my opinion) the way we spend it and where our thoughts are. I want to carry on where I left off last month: when I am with my family, my thoughts are on my family. Not on my blog or my work. When I am at work, my thoughts are with work. When I am blogging, I am an excellent blogger. Really be present in my activities throughout the day instead of feeling very unfocused.

I am SO missing reading my favorite blogs. I want to make a goal to connect to at least two people everyday. I can't believe I am writing this because there was a point in my blog-life where I was commenting on about 25 blogs a day (at least). When I say connect, I won't limit myself. I'll write an email, tweet, comment on a post or reply to comments. It doesn't really matter what it is, but it will be an enjoyable activity while I sip on a cup of tea in the morning or before bed at night.

Sing more.
It's Christmas time, for the love of God, if you can't sing Christmas Carols during the holidays then there is something seriously wrong with you!

Have empathy. Have patience. Most importantly, have purpose.
Understand your students. Understand how they work and how they learn. Have patience. Use multiple techniques and if they don't work, try again. Dig up something new. Talk to other teachers and discover new ways of saying the same thing. Most importantly, while in lessons, make every word count. Think before you speak. Don't fall back on the same old routine. Always plan ahead and start fresh with each new face.

Make an effort every day to do something special.
Settling into a routine can be a source of all sorts of good things: comfort, relaxation, trust, love. It can also get horribly boring. Being spontaneous isn't booking a trip to Vegas on a whim and dropping all of your responsibilities. But when paired with compassion and thoughtfulness... It will make for laughs, smiles and happy moments.



similar floral print kimono cardi
This wasn't a great month for me in some respects (it was a little bipolar). I'm not sure whether I ate better or worse. I did cut down on the night time snacking. However, I snacked just as much or more during the day. Jeff and I tried to cook healthier suppers. This worked well and I really enjoyed having supper planned in advance. This month I'm adding a health and body goal to motivate myself to keep it up.

This month, I definitely took a step back from the blog. I had a lot of great moments with my family. I had many a relaxing night. I spent hours upon hours wrapping gifts and making Christmas presents (a week and a half spending every spare moment I had on completing gifts). The important thing I learned how to do this month was separate my thoughts. While I was with my family, my mind was with my family, not my blog. It's important to let it go. I didn't check my email or posts obsessively. And you know what? It's okay.

When I started writing monthly goals, I had no idea I would look forward to this post so much. I love reviewing my progress and seeing how the focus changes from month to month. I love picking my favorite outfit. I love how much I learn about myself.


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