Sunday, October 30, 2011

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Hi everyone, this is Courtney, introducing Lizzie's post for I Can Be Many Things. I am finally home from Florida, however, the unpacking begins. Oh, and I spontaneously planned a Halloween party for my little girl for tomorrow. Yeah, you heard correctly. A whole day of flying on Friday and a Halloween party on Sunday. What am I thinking? I'm thinking it's going to be a blast! Oh, and I was going to take outfit photos but I spilled my supper on my sweater... Okay, so maybe that's my excuse--I did stain my supper, but that was after I decided I wasn't taking photos today. I was pretty tired and had no make up on and while I have no problems posting my face sans make up, today I just didn't have the energy! No worries though, today we have the most beautiful Lizzie from place clever title here... Not only is her photography gorgeous--but so is she! Enjoy!

What makes me smile:
-The first thing that comes to mind is my sweet husband for sure :)
-Finding an amazing item while thirfting, that fits perfectly and is in great condition
-A good Double Dirty chai on a cold day
-Going for a walk while the air is crisp and the Autumn leaves crunch under my feet
-The dreamy, beautiful light at Dusk
-My cat and animals in general
-Going for bike rides
-Floral Prints & Lace
-Vintage and quirky knickknacks
And of course being asked to do a guest post on I Can Be Many Things made me smile a ton! :)
Thanks again Courtney, you and your blog are soooo very wonderful!

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