Thursday, October 6, 2011

barefaced and beautiful

just as clothes aren’t to hide our imperfections, make up shouldn’t be that way either.
we don’t wear make up because we are ugly; we wear it as a way to express ourselves, highlight what we love about our faces. it should never be about covering up “the bad and the ugly”.
we wear clothes to flatter and define the things we love. we don’t wear clothes to cover our bodies--so why should we wear make up to cover our faces?

i believe make up can be a positive thing. and i love it for that reasons. but i hate all of the negative emotion it causes us to feel.

no one should feel as if they are ugly when bare-faced.
no one should feel guilty about not wearing make up.
no one should feel house bound while not wearing make up.
no one should wear make up as a form of hiding what they look like.

i love that you can literally do anything with make up--it is as equal an art as a painter or a sketcher or a sculptor. make up can change us to look however we want. make up is a tool of self expression, another accessory to an outfit, a statement, an art.
that said, i would hate to see someone’s statement being one of self-hate.

why are we told at such a young age that make up is pretty?
the truth is, we are pretty.
we let our children play with these products. we smile and call our daughters pretty once they've smeared lipstick on themselves and laugh because we think it's cute. and it is. but am i looking too far into this? is that not giving the impression the make up is what makes the child pretty?

do we take the time to tell our daughters they are pretty every day, all the time, just as they are, bare-faced, and that a smile is what makes us beautiful? i sincerely hope so, but to be honest, i don’t tell my daughter enough. but i tell her she is pretty every day. i say “aw, pretty” as she tries on her necklaces, or i tell her once she gets dressed in the morning as i watch her strut around in her cutest clothes, but what about when she is not expecting it? when it’s not associated with material things? i’m telling her she's pretty at the wrong times.

i never want her to feel that she needs to get up in the morning and change the way she looks in order to survive. i never want her to feel like she is ugly. and we shouldn’t feel that way either.

make up should highlight our natural beauty.
we should feel just as confident without it as we do with it. it’s all in our minds. ask our husbands or our boyfriends. most of them don’t even care as long as we have warm open arms and a smile at the end of the day. and supper on the table, who are we kidding.

there’s so much more to beauty and fashion than making yourself into someone else.
your natural beauty and your confidence are key to your style. without it, who are you?

here i am, bare-faced and still beautiful.
and you are too.


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