Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Easy as 1-2-3

I have to be brief today! Really sorry! It's taking a chunk out of my day even to get this up for you guys! Today I have to prep for my Kindermusik classes tomorrow afternoon. Jeff and I had to run out and pick up a counter top for my Mom because she had no other way to get it back to her place. Jeff's been trying to get the playhouse up for quite some time now, and we had some family in for supper so I had to make sure that it was tasty. Mia and I played a lot. We had a really good day. Originally, I wanted to wear a dress today, but I realized (and thankfully so) that the dress is meant to be worn in Fall. It's a burnt orange and it's lined so it's warm! Much needed now, since the weather has been horrible... but I didn't want to be warm in front of the stove all day. If I finish studying early, I want to bake something for Meg since I'll see her on Friday. But moving on to the outfit... Since the dress didn't work out, I had to go to the next easy choice!




Outfit details:
Romper - Garage
Jean Jacket - Urban Planet
Pearls - F21
Shoes - Spring

Until tomorrow,

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