Friday, February 10, 2012

red and pink


What are your plans for Valentine's day? I took these pictures a little while ago but I figure this is the perfect cheesy time to post them. The pink and red combination has been trending around for quite some time now (completely unrelated to Valentines day) but this is my first attempt with it. I found you shouldn't over-clutter this look.  The colors make enough of a statement!

If your special day is looking anything like mine, you could wear something like this. My plans consist of: teaching a Kindermusik class (which is more or less baby aerobics), running after a 2 year old all day, going to work, then... a glass of semi-cheap wine, popcorn with juuuust a sprinkle of cheddar seasoning (mmmm... good alternative to nachos), cuddling up and watching a disgustingly cheesy romantic comedy. Funny, they call it a comedy but I always cry. And if I've seen it before, I'll cry ten times harder because I love the characters that much more. Who's a sucker for punishment on Valentine's day? Um, I am.

spring nude heels, american eagle red skinnies, gap neon dolman top (sized up)
j crew bracelet, sparkles of hope bracelet, f21 choker

Happy Friday everyone!

A few things I want to share after the jump...

1. If you haven't watched this video, you probably should. I love their voices. Get past the first guy singing. He has a sweet voice, but the chorus and the verse the girl sings is why I love it so much. It's gotten 50,500,000+ views since January 5th...

2. My little girl had an excellent birthday! She loved her presents. She loved her princess dress. She was very excited about the cake. In response to me saying Happy Birthday to her, she said "Mommy, where's my birthday cake?" Too cute. I love being surrounded by my family. We had a fantastic day.

3. please keep your thoughts with Syria today, the city of Aleppo experienced two terrorist bombings this morning (next to a park, I may add) 

4. the government isn't letting go of trying to control the internet; they've put #sopa to rest, but now there's more. help here

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