Saturday, October 8, 2011

shoot for the moon, even if you fail you will land among the stars


Peek peek at another misfit! What can it be...

To self...

Be a more organized teacher.
- Write everything down.
- Take note of every student's accomplishments.
Take care of your body:
- Watch what you eat.
- Weekly exercise.
Sing more.
- For fun
- For skill
- For challenge
Piano lessons.
- Find ways to destress.
- Find ways to relax.
Complete my scrapbook projects.
- Find a nook to put my stuff.
- Start by which book needs to be done first.
- Print off the pictures.
- Organize the pictures.
- Plan the pages.
- Complete one page at a time until my book is done.
Redecorate the house one room at a time.
Make a trip to New York.
Florida shopping in the winter.
Get married.
Have a bachelorette party in New York with my closest girl friends.
Have another baby. Not in that order.
Finish my french and music and education degree.
Become bilingual.
Record my own CD of original compositions.
- Write enough songs to go on a CD. (Songs I like...)
Play a show downtown.
- Make a book full of sing a long songs that everyone knows.
- Organize the book with an index.
Admit I'm wrong with ease.
Apologize with ease.
Believe that change is a reachable goal.
Speak with an active voice, instead of a passive one.
Make a point to tell my loved ones that I care.

Feel free to give me any advice on how to accomplish these things.

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