Sunday, October 23, 2011

(courtney loves) maeby

Hi everyone!

My name is Maegan and originally Courtney and I were supposed to start a blog together. I decided that I was too busy to regularly blog, so instead, here I am in a guest post! I'm currently in school to become a Primary/Elementary teacher, work two jobs and sell handmade paper crafts on the side. I found it really difficult to figure out what to wear for this post at first, and then I realized that I was thinking too hard about it. So, here's an outfit that makes me smile...

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Here are some more things that make me smile:
  • spending time with my family
  • inside jokes with my sister
  • phone calls from my boyfriend while he's away with work
  • chunky jewelry
  • sharing nachos with good friends (here's looking at you Courtney ;) )
  • thrifting
  • DIY projects
  • working with the Folklore department
  • and lists!
Hope to see you all again soon and don't forget to smile :)

(Don't you just love my bestie Maegan? Love love love that she guest posted for me--thank you! In case you missed it... falling leaves and the perfect fall outfit; my last post, see here. Love, Courtney.)

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