Monday, October 3, 2011

the fourth misfit

misfit four
I can't call this one a closet monster... but it fits the challenge. It's definitely a misfit.
misfit four
My most loved subtle feather earring...
misfit four
One trend I love: the arm party (perfect one)
I've said before, I'm so scared of "doing it wrong" so this is my ongoing attempt at stacking more bracelets!
misfit four
Recently people have been surprised to learn my hair isn't naturally like this.
My hair is naturally straight with annoying kinks...
I've been thinking about doing a hair tutorial on super easy waves--or whatever you'd call this mess.
It takes me 5 minutes to do my hair, no joke. This is my lazy do.
misfit four

misfit four

So here's to showing you what makes these beautiful scalloped shorts such a misfit...

The first and only time I wore them my dear friend said "uh... Courtney..." whispering to me so no one else could hear "...when you bend over, you can pretty well see your butt." And that was the nice way of putting it. I don't mind short shorts. I wore lots of short shorts this summer. I do have a problem with short shorts that flare out and expose you. As Katya would say, don't show-cha your chocha! Um, go read the post if you haven't. I promise you will laugh.

misfit four
misfit four

Apparently I need to publicly remind myself to take the stickers off my shoes! Oops!

VERDICT: They're pretty short... Maegan thinks I should try them with tights. What do you think? Too short even with a pair of thick cream tights?

Ah well. At least I was happy with how I styled them. Really, even if I wouldn't leave the house with them on and my sole purpose was to take some pictures and take them off. I just love the army green and the scalloped hem--a feminine cut with a tough color. So pretty. I'm having a hard time letting these go!

misfit four
Outfit details: LUSH blouse; Spotted Moth scalloped shorts; Garage military jacket; F21 heels
Jewelry: Sparkles of Hope bracelet, F21 Everything else...

I LOVE this blouse. I bought it (here) immediately after I saw this post. I love how the blouse, while it should be completely drab and unflattering, actually really accentuates the waist. It falls beautifully. Perfect boho look, and though in some pictures it looks to be a burnt orange, it's actually a bold camel color. Perfect for warmer fall days.

I normally don't post so many pictures including the same outfit but I just can't help myself. I love the detail in this shirt: frayed chiffon, the pleats, the cut, the fall... <3 so gorgeous...

Opinions: Keep or toss the shorts? Or restyle them if we can't decide!

Hurricane today! Hello rainy day activities :)


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