Thursday, September 1, 2011

orange and red

My day was great. My wonderful man does so much for me and makes me feel so special every day that we spend together. He gives me space to do the things that I love and supports my ambitions. He takes care of my daughter just as well as I do, maybe better if I ever dared to say that--but I never would, haha! No one beats a Mommy's touch, baby. Although... there have been a few wild ones. Let's not talk about the hot sauce Mom. Don't get me started.

Back to Jeff. He is just lovely.


You know what else is lovely? Being mentioned in Krystal's post from This Time Tomorrow. I won a give-a-way and got myself a lovely post. It made me so happy. I don't know what I was more excited about: being mentioned in her post, or actually winning something. Definitely being mentioned. Eee! I see people wearing pink and red together all the time lately, so I decided to wear orange and red. Kind of the same, but leaning on a different hue. I tried something different with my hair--two french braids instead of one.
DSC_0069 DSC_0081 DSC_0074 DSC_0064

Outfit details:
Jewelry, Dress - Forever 21
Long Theadscene Cardigan
Leather Belt - Garage sale
Shoes - Spring
Sparkles Of Hope bracelet (who do you wear yours for?)
I wear the Sparkles of Hope bracelet for my Nan who died of cancer. My Mom wears one for her too. She was an amazing woman who overcame a lot of trials and tribulations in her lifetime. She inspired so many people and I am blessed to wear this to remember her. These bracelets are really popular here in Newfoundland. All proceeds go towards the Dr. Bliss Murphy Cancer Care Foundation. Each bead represents a different type of cancer. Great cause in exchange for a constant reminder to cherish your life, make the most of your day and to smile because we knew these wonderful people that touched our lives so dearly. I think they are beautiful.

(Obviously no one sponsored me to write this. I just think they are a wonderful purchase towards a gracious cause. And makes a good contribution for an arm party...)

xo, Courtney

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