Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 4 & 5

It sucks I didn't get a good picture of my day 4! I'll have to take them another time. I wore my seafoam green necklace with my satin shorts and green lace back top. Day 5 I wore my fringe back top... With the same shorts. Heart necklace. The only thing not from F 21 is the green tank from Garage!

Click on the pictures for enlargements.

Notice Mia's finger prints in my mirror? Oh so classy.

Unfortunately the sun made my pictures turn out horrible! I needed sunglasses! Now I know for next time. I also think this is my new favorite shirt.

I'll post today's once I get out of my pajamas! This update has been brought to you from my iPhone and that is why it's not as pretty. Apologies.


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