Thursday, November 3, 2011

recap of halloween 2011

So the little girl's Halloween party was a success--even if she did spend most of her time with another little girl watching Toopy and Binoo in a separate room. How funny is that? Very rarely is my house filled to the brim with kids so I guess she needed little breaks--she would go socialize for a few minutes then go take a break. God love you, baby. You're the sweetest.

We had cake and treats. Sadly, there was so much left over. My poor diet.

My favorite story from this party (and Jeff would agree) has to be when my perfectly-mannered little princess wanted to walk past a little girl who was blocking her way--"excuse me", she said.  She waited. She gave her a look. "Excuse me" she said, a little louder. Waited. Then she nearly screamed excuse me and moved her out of the way! Oops. At least she was polite?

As I'm noticing now, the pictures look very princess themed, but I assure you, there were other costumes: to name a few... cookie monster (in a tutu), a ladybug, another ladybug, a sheriff and a fairy. My costume cost me 0$ so call me creative. Pretend you don't see my little belt loops poking out. Can you guess who I am?! Someone called me a maid and I was a little sad. Maybe more thought will go into the costume next year! Sorry guys, I'm not one who plans weeks in advance for Halloween!

This brings us to the night of trick or treating! As you see below, we were practicing. I was giving her treats to put in her pumpkin once she said "trick or treat". Little did I know, that was all the trick or treating she was going to get to do all night...because she passed out in the car. Jeff lifted her out of the car, thinking she would wake up ready to go--instead she started talking in her sleep about trains. Hilarious. I've never heard her talk in her sleep--ever. There's a first for everything!

Leopard Scarf - last year, F21
Satin Ruffle Top - Gift
Hot Pink Skinny Jeans - F21

I just typed 2010 in the title of my post...then checked the calender--oops. Anyone else feel like their life is flying by? I can't believe my little girl's birthday is so soon. Where has my time gone? It's funny. It feels so short yet I can't picture my life without her.

Photos of the trip to come! Just in case you're wondering what I've been wearing lately (you probably shouldn't start a sentence that way), it's been a toss up between 1) jeans and Aeropostale hoodies and 2) if I need to look presentable, an outfit similar to the one shown above! The pink pants and leopard scarf--not the Belle costume.

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