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longwinded at best (and a blogger award!)

courtney one
alyssa nine
With the exception of Alyssa (seen here), I styled the shoot :) Alyssa styled everyone's hair, including her own. Find her blog here.

courtney five

courtney and maegan one

courtney four
maegan two
Okay, look close. Can see her Harry Potter tatoo? One of the many reasons why Maegan and I are besties.
courtney and maegan two
Outfit details:
Me: Shirt, Shoes, Jewelry, Belt - F21; Skirt - Thrifted for 1$
Maegan: Jumper - F21; Belt - Garage; Blowfish Platforms - LuLu*s;
Elephant Necklace, other jewelry - ?; Handmade bracelets from Tailand

These are the most promised pictures from Monday's shoot. These pictures were taken in Alyssa's grandmother's CRAZY house. Full of antiques. Look at the wallpaper! I wanted to run away with half of the things in her house and I'm not joking. Including the chandelier and this chair. Alan Boulos was the photographer--all photos link to his Flikr account. I would be so honored to work with him again. I had him on the clock--we only had about an hour or so. I think he did an amazing job.

Liv, from, nominated me for a blogger award! I was so surprised! Thank you so much! Now, to spread the love: her blog is wonderful. She has great personal style as well as a great writing style--which is a fabulous bonus. She is such a friendly and approachable blogger, and she's just starting out, like me! And she lives in Broolkyn... my heart! Wouldn't I love to live in Brooklyn? My first time to NY was in February and I cried when I walked through the streets the first day I got there, haha! Speaking of NY, and since today is September 11th and I'm talking about, I want to share this quote from her blog with you:

As most of you already know, today is the 10th Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and New York City has been on high alert the entire weekend. [...] The upside of this heightened alertness is New Yorkers also seem to have a heightened sense of camaraderie. In a town of straphangers who stare at each others feet rather than make eye contact, we have come together once again, just as we did ten years ago. I can think of no better way to honor those lost in the tragedy than to be kinder and more aware of our neighbors, appreciate the beauty of our city and slow down to take it all in.

I've been thinking all day about what I was going to write about 9/11... this sums everything up beautifully, don't you agree? My thoughts and prayers are with everyone today.

Here are the rules to the blog award:
1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you
2. Write 7 random things about yourself (after the jump)
3. Spread the love to 15 other bloggers (see list after the jump)

7 Random Things About Myself (that drive Jeff crazy)

When eating chips or popcorn, I always chomp the first bite. 

I like to do the majority of my housework in the night time after my daughter is in bed. 

I sleep in awkward positions and am impossible to cuddle in the night time. 

I try to force everyone to eat left-overs because I hate wasting food.

I refuse to leave the water running when I brush my teeth AND I brush them in warm water because my teeth are so sensitive (I am fully aware this is odd)...

I am awful at multitasking. 

I hate having the TV on all day. (I'm addicted to my share of shows--Criminal Minds, Glee...) However, I think there are a thousand things we can do with our kids to engage them--that take a little effort, but are very rewarding in the end. I don't think there's anything wrong with watching TV, and I like to cozy up and cuddle and watch a show with my daughter after supper (quiet time is good too), but I think we should challenge ourselves to find new and engaging activities for little growing brains... and kids need to be active and challenged! /end rant (I'm a Kindermusik teacher! I can't help it!)

I had SUCH a hard time picking 15 bloggers! I wrote a little bit about each one just to try to motivate you to check out some new blogs. These girls have all made a mark on me in some way, shape or form and here is why:

This Time Is A Charm
- Katya is gorgeous and always looks stunning. She has a wonderful style... She's hilarious. She writes the best comments. I have to read her blog every day.

- Cylia never disappoints me :) Her blog is gorgeous. Always eye catching. Her photography always looks new and fresh. She always puts so much time and thought into every post... and she has great style. She's in the Bloggers Weardrobe competition and I know she would love a vote :)

Feathers & Freckles
- Megan is hilarious--and has beautiful everyday style. Her blog will make you laugh, build you up, and have you wishing you were a redhead. And that you had freckles. I have lots of freckles though. I'm on the ball with that one. Megan is such a feel good blogger, who is so good to her readers, is just starting out, and totally deserving of all the love!

cute and little
- Kileen always looks like a million dollars. She blogs about finding clothes to fit her cute & little body type, and while I can't relate to that, I find inspiration from her all of the time. She gives so much love to her readers (is hosting a giveaway right now) and has a lot of blogging tips on her site as well. AND she works on a budget--something that we should all learn from!

Crochet Clouds
- Gina Michele; Very Inspiring DIY blog; just opened her own shop in NYC! show her some love, she is so talented

- Khatu is beautiful, and has the most wonderful smile! She has flawless style. Must read.

Visual Basic
- Rach is only the most talanted sketch artist and fashion diva out there. As popular as they come, but I admire Rach's skill and her blog is so creative. Gorgeous and original.

- I've only been following this blog for a few weeks (found her on Sunday Crossbow) but she has the cutest sense of style... Emerald pinned her as the (super sexy) nerdy asian type. Swoon...

- I don't normally read blogs that post bits and pieces of fashion mags, however--I pull SO much inspiration from this blog and pin nearly everything I see. This blog is inspiration gold.

my edit
- Jentine is beautiful, always. She has the best thrifting tips EVER: if you thrift, you must read her blog. If you don't, you must read her blog. She has great style, but her writing is always so funny--always a pleasure to read.

Sunday Crossbow
- Emerald is a BABE. I love her style. She has the cutest hair. Every time I visit her blog I want to book an appointment with my hairdresser to cut off my locks. She is classy and girly with a vintage flair.

- Lizzie: A super stylish Mom with a wonderful DIY blog and the cutest little boy I have ever seen. Lizzie takes the most beautiful pictures...

A Fool For Fashion
- Janel: Super sweet, two cute kids - my personal fave was her little girl's ballerina bun... and the most recent post of the two munchkins. What little models! She always looks fabulous and her blog, to me, is so inspiring.

NYC Taught me
- Sharon's blog takes me through a little part of NYC every morning, usually around 7AM. She takes beautiful pictures, has the most stylish children I have ever seen, writes beautifully and has a kick ass blog. I love it.

Unremittingly Kel
- One of my besties! Another blogger from NFLD! Yay! Our children have playdates, we talk about life, enjoy our girl time, and don't see each other nearly enough (always the case!)


* I had trouble not adding Bravoe Runway, but Liv mentioned her in her original post, so I wanted to add another new up and coming blogger :) Buuuut... if you check her out, you will be blown away by Bessie's blog and her amazing personality--also, she is amazing to each and every one of her readers! So maybe I mentioned 16...

This has officially been the longest and hardest post to write. I know I didn't have to share so much about each blogger but I feel they each deserve it! And I know if it was me reading, I'd need the motivation to add some more bloggers to my already gigantic list of must reads.

courtney eight

Fun fact: Through out the entire shoot, any time Alan would tell me to hold a pose (by saying something along these lines: Nice!) I would laugh. I am not professional. I am a clown. I am amazed he got any pictures of me with a straight face as I had to gather everything in me not to laugh the entire time. I guess I'm not cut out to be a model!


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