Sunday, August 21, 2011

craving satisfied: suede skirt

I saw Sincerely, Jules wearing this lovely skirt from Forever 21 on this post.

So I went on the Forever 21 website (even though I'm not allowed to buy anything off it) just to see the price... it was 30$ on the canadian site.

So Maegan and I went thrifting yesterday and look what I found in my size:



All of this cost me 15$ when I went to the cash. This week I thrifted...

- Red leather skirt (7$)
- Brown suede skirt (4$)
- Vintage silk scarf (4$)

Ah, so nice. So glad I didn't cave and buy the skirt when I saw that post! Although I do love that rust color...

Then I spent this morning reading about bed bugs and now I want to cry and throw them out. (I won't; I'm just being dramatic...) I don't live in a place that's affected by them... However, I'm still freaking out. Right now all my thrifted unwashed items are sitting in a tied up bag in my garage waiting to go to the dry cleaners on Monday. It'll be worth it...



  1. Uhhh Courtney...I hate to tell you this but....your cleaning bill + the price you paid for those leather skirts will most likely exceed the price of the brand new one at F21 for CAD 30. I know this because my family used to own a dry cleaners and most cleaners don't have the capability to clean leather. It is a different process that requires special equipment. If they do it right they'll clean it and re-dye it because leather fades horribly after it goes through the cleaning process. My parents sold the cleaners about 7 years ago and at that time we charged $35 to clean a leather skirt. We made NO money on the service as we charged our clients what the cleaning company charged us. Lots of cleaners nearby did mark-up the service. So...I can't imagine what it costs now to clean a leather sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

  2. thats so awesome.. lovee the suede.. great for winter!

  3. Hey !
    That suede skirt is so awesome, and 4 bucks ? Over here we can't even find ice cream that cheap :)


  4. I definitely think it's worth taking it to the dry-cleaners. It looks like a gem :)


  5. If they don't actually seem dirty, you could just toss them in a dryer on high for 20-30 mins. I know it's kind of yuck as far as 'cleaning' them goes, but it does kill bedbugs and won't harm the items as long as they're not wet.

  6. Such beautiful thrifted items1 I hope they all turn out well from the cleaners. I know leather does cost extra to clean, but you'll have a quality skirt vs the faux leather one from F21. =)


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