Saturday, June 25, 2011

pop of color for a rainy foggy day

This is the promised post of what I wore when it was cold, rainy and foggy outside! Why do we have such terrible weather in June? Now... it was a bit nicer today... I'm hoping it sticks. I'm going down to sing now and get ready for tomorrow. Wish me luck! I'm so nervous! I can't leave stuff like this 'til last minute anymore! I sound like a broken record! Jeff really wanted to go out with his friends tonight and I couldn't say no because we haven't seen them in literally a year. It's a sin! I have people over all the time. He rarely asks to do things so when he gave me the puppy dog eyes tonight, I melted. We had fun. His friends are wonderful. Ashley taught me how to braid my hair differently than I've been doing so I'm excited to show that off!

Here are the pictures. I have to say... I find when I am running out the door, grabbing the first things that pop out at me, I come up with things I really love, like on this particular day. But sometimes when I'm trying really hard to create a great outfit, bad things happen. Today was the prime example of what I'm talking about: I wore an Old Navy dress, AA scarf, and paired it with pink tights to try and liven it up with some color. I thought I looked witchy, but I said the hell with it, and decided to just go with it. When we went out this evening, I decided the tights weren't comfy, so I jumped into white leggings and an open white cardigan and what do you know... I didn't look witchy, I looked like I was dressed for the right season again, and I didn't stand out like a sore thumb. Sometimes trying too hard gets you nowhere!

Outfit details:
Pants - Jeff's Mom handed these down to me!
Shoes - Spring
Guess purse - gift from Jeff's sister
Chiffon Shirt - Gap
Blazer - Forever 21
Scarf - gifted
Once the weather starts looking up, I can start taking pictures outside... You must be getting bored with my basement!

Hope everyone had a fun, safe weekend.

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