Sunday, June 26, 2011

eye candy

Outfit details:
Shirt - borrowed from Maegan
Shorts - Forever 21
Shoes - Lulu's
Classy hair tie

No jewelery! How boring! ALSO - who taught me how to iron clothes? Someone didn't do a very good job, and I'm only noticing now! I have to post these pictures because I am craving sunshine like you wouldn't believe... and a visit from my best friend!

The recital today went lovely. Meghan, my teacher, is so wonderfully organized and excited about each and every one of her students. She was glowing! How great is that? The only word I have to describe her is lovely. I had a great time. I thought it was one of the best recitals I've ever been to! Sometimes they can be a little dry, but there was so much balance and variety that it was impossible to get bored. It was a great day!

Oh Mr. Sun, Sun
Mr. Golden Sun...
Please shine down on Newfoundland!


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