Saturday, June 25, 2011

For $10

I got...

I'm really loving the antique gold feeling lately. Don't you think the little elephant charm is a cute accent? And the big chunky necklace will be cute to spice up something simple and add a statement. Can't go wrong for $5!

Other than that, I went shopping for our camping trip today while baby was out with her Dad and Jeff was home doing his man things. It's great to get out and about by yourself sometimes. I took some outfit pictures before I left so I'll post them tonight along with the other promised post :)

I also picked up a new work space. A black zipper close binder to create profiles of my students so I can act more organized. It should be great! Kindermusik starts up again mid-July so that should be fun! I have to start learning my music for this unit!

I didn't get to sing yesterday because Jeff's parents were down for Chinese and stayed pretty late! It was fun! So I need to be stricter with myself. Obviously I need to do things earlier! What am I going to do when Baby stops going for naps? I won't get anything done!

I'm off to dive into my guilty pleasures now. Mmmmmmm.

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