Thursday, June 23, 2011

"dead fish" dress

Instead of posting today's outfit, I'm going to bring up another oldie. But.. it's new to the blog! Today was a horrible rainy foggy day. It was so miserable! I'm going to make it a goal tomorrow to set up the camera and snap some shots, including some of what I wore today, because it actually worked in cheering myself up once I had it on. The only problem in making it a goal to post those pics is that my sister is borrowing my blazer sometime before the weekend so it means I have to act fast!

I had an extra rehearsal with Meg, my voice teacher, and Robin, a fellow student, today. Yes, I had my song memorized, so the goal from yesterday was a success! They laugh so much in their lessons! It's so refreshing. It actually made me a little sad that I'm not more easy going. So just because of that...

Tomorrow's (official) goal(s):
1. Laugh and have more fun, for the love of GOD! Ease up a little!
2. Snap some pictures
3. MEMORIZE YOUR SONG! Recital is Sunday! (I can't wait to dress up...)

Anyway, in lieu of praying for good weather, here are some pictures from when the sun was shining... I fell in love with this cute little sun dress on the Forever 21 site, and when I showed my sister, she nicknamed it my "dead fish" dress with a look of disgust... however... once I had it on, she liked it :)

Outfit details:
Dress - Forever 21
Cardigan - Forever 21
Scarf (tied at the waist) - American Apparel
Necklace - Smart Set (can't really see it here)
Flats - Charlotte Russe
(I gave these shoes away after I wore them once because they tore the back of my heels apart; small make?)

Looking forward to Friday...

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