Wednesday, June 22, 2011

change of plans!

So yesterday didn't work out as planned, but I have a wonderful excuse for not completing what I had planned!

Let me just warn you, this is the only picture of my sister Nicole and I that I could find on such short notice that she won't kill me for putting on the blog! This picture was taken at my baby shower a year and a half ago when I was 9 months pregnant! Excuse the baby bump, the black and red hair and the bangs! You know what this means... I think we need some updated family photos!

Anyway! Back to what I was saying!

My sister Nicole got the official call asking her to be a cadet for the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary! So congratulations!

And of course we had to celebrate for her. We threw a huge family supper and had a few drinks! Not great practice or singing conditions. I'm carrying over yesterday's goal to today. Since I won't be posting today's outfit, as right now it consists of jogs and one of Jeff's A&F T-shirts, I'll post some pictures I took when I was out celebrating my younger sister Julia's birthday. We went to the mall to do some summer shopping.

- nude lip liner, and pink gloss from a gifted shoppers drug mart make up kit!
I find those kits great; you have every shade of gloss you could ever possibly want.
You don't need an entire tube of a color you only wear occasionally.
I do own a nice taupe from MAC that I wear all the time, and GOSH lip gloss in a pink/nude color,
but other than that, I don't buy many lip colors.

Outfit details:
Cardigan - Hollister
Smocked Floral Tube Top - Forever 21
Distressed Double Cuff Jeans - Forever 21
Garren Blowfish Platforms - Lulu's

Personally, I think this is the perfect mall day outfit! The air conditioning in the mall is brutal so you need a cover up! The outfit is easy to throw on and off when you're changing in and out of things... and these platforms are my favorite. They are so comfy and so easy to walk in!

At the moment, I'm off to have a fun playdate with my great Mommy friend Kelly and her two kids!


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