Thursday, March 1, 2012

tval's birthday bash

How's everyone doing on this lovely Thursday? I mentioned two posts back that I was invited to celebrate Tval's birthday party last week! I had a fabulous time. The staff was a riot--very friendly, loads of fun. After I ate my weight in cupcakes, hummus and crackers, I snapped some pictures, got suited up with a new mineral foundation (that I'm planning to review on the blog) and was surprised with some other goodies.
Disclosure: I just want everyone to know that I'm not doing this for profit! I received some products that I offered to review on the blog because I honestly love this store so much. I'll tell you why after the jump!


I am such a fan of Tval, mainly because you can walk into the store and see where the products are made and packaged by hand. They are made without preservatives when possible (some exceptions include anything that contains water--I've learned if you don't, it turns moldy) and all are freshly made and full of great things for your skin. They make lots of products sans-preservatives such as the dry shampoos, golden olive face serum, vegan lip balms... to name just a few... Great, hey?

Here's what caught my eye most when I was looking around...

The store is beautifully decorated...
Amazing melt in your mouth cupcakes... Props to the talented woman who made these!
Soap cupcakes! Don't they look just as sweet?
A soap rest to prevent soggy soap... Adorable.
I won't lie, I'm frightened to death to try mineral foundations...but that's part of the reason I want to review them so bad. I am very skeptical that they'll give me the coverage I need.
Below is their mineral make up line: on the top row, we have mineral foundations, below that are blush and eyeshadow, testers and also on the desk are their lip glosses/stains.
Olive oil soaps, butters, vegan lip balms... preservative free, fragrance free, vegan!

If you're looking for any of these products, they're all on Tval's site! Once again, this is all my personal opinion and I'm not doing this for profit! I really do just love this store; I've been shopping here for a couple of years now and I thought it would be great to showcase some local businesses, and really, how can you resist those cupcake soaps? They are adorable!

I realize I didn't even get in one picture. Shame on me. I was obviously too busy stuffing my face. I'll show you what I wore once I get the spare moment to photograph it!
I'll be back this weekend with my February summary and my March goals--is it really March already?


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