Saturday, February 18, 2012


I dress for Newfoundland weather in two ways. It's simple.

If I am feeling brave (or if it's just not that cold), I'll wear this, or a variation of this:


The ways this scarf can be wrapped to keep me warm under a blazer or a moto jacket is endless. I freakin' love it.

If I am feeling like I just can't put myself through the pain and torture of freezing my ass off, then I will wear some form of this:


The only way to make an outfit this bulky any kind of stylish is to work from some color palate.

Basically, if you're living in a freezing place like me, you could either buy some chunky layers that match for every day wear or a huge knit scarf to wear with everything and everything when you just aren't feeling in the mood for all those layers.

How is everyone's weekend going? Wishing you the best!

In case you missed it...
MY MUSIC: Drive By (cover) Train's new single
OUTFITS: black, white & cobalt blue jeans
GOALS: february

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