Saturday, January 28, 2012

dance dance dance

I'm not much of a dancer. Watch. I'll prove it to you.

f21 suede jacket, necklace (new chain) & skirt
gap t-shirt (from maegan), booties from my mom

Lots of things make me dance:
1. Domino - Jessie J

this song has gotten 22 million views since Dec 26th...hello, not surprised...
of course I was dancing to this while I was snapping these photos

2. Having a Saturday SNOW DAY
3. 100% Suede Jackets on sale... 50$ baby!
4. Revamping a necklace.
I love this pendant... & one of my other necklaces broke. Meant to be!
5. Studded booties.

Things get better.
This is the inspiration for my post today:

Things that make me cry:
1. Spending your day off taking outfit photos for the next month and loosing half of them. Ohhhhh dear. A frustrated mess am I,

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