Sunday, December 4, 2011

i smile

My dearest friends have said I'm MIA and I guess they are right (I MISS YOU TOO). As I have said before, this Christmas comes early at my house so we've spent most of the days preparing. Christmas is all about tradition, routines and events... the people we love and spending time together.

So today, I'm reviewing the past week and filling you in on all the little moments that made me smile.

Downtown Christmas Parade
Doesn't this puppy look so comfy?

Christmas Baking With Maegan
It wouldn't be a day with Maegan without tea ;)

Jeff's Cake Being WAY Better Than Our Cookies

Decorating The Christmas Tree
The little girl's hard work--I don't care that the decorations aren't evenly spaced and that there are only four branches with about 8 bulbs squished on them. We strung the ornaments with glitter elastic this year so that she could help us. We got the most beautiful pictures. She was so excited. Every day she takes them off, lays them on the window ledge and makes a show out of putting them back on. It's priceless.

Going Out To Supper With My Sister

Pajama Princess
This princess wouldn't go to sleep without her TuTu. Seriously. I'm not making this up. Here is proof!
I've got an updated set of goals for December and an outfit planned for the rest of the week.
Hope everyone had a great week! Fill me in!

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