Thursday, December 1, 2011

extra $$$

Hey everyone! I have been locked in my spare bedroom working diligently on Jeff's Christmas present/wrapping gifts since last Tuesday. I kid you not. The only reason I came downstairs from the spare room and stopped working was to grab a cup of tea and find my phone. My tea is steeping but... I've lost my phone. Sigh.

This is an old outfit from before the snow fall when Mia and I went to the park to play. Wearing all black makes me feel like a vampire, especially when I have no make up on (see below). But to think positively... Cute, stylish and comfy outfit (minus the boots). I'd wear flat boots if I wore this again, just for practicality, but who says I am any bit practical.


I also went dress shopping as part of my MOH duty to Kelly. It was fabulous! We have pictures but I can't upload them yet. Once I do, Kelly should have them posted. I'll link up. They are so pretty! If I wanted to get married, I'd be so jealous! That's a milestone that I haven't reached yet. Anyway, enough of my ramble...

Here is another AWESOME list that I am going to keep in mind at all times during December (possibly a new years resolution). My list of goals for December will come, but while you all wait, this is definitely something to think about:

Six Savings Tips for the Holidays and Year-Round
    1. Curb your impulses. Count to 30 before impulse buying in a store, or wait 24 hours before making an online shopping decision.
    2. Pay yourself first. Make your savings plan part of your bill paying routine, just like cable, utilities and mortgage payments.
    3. Track your expenses. Make a list of all your expenditures over three months to see where there are opportunities to turn spending into saving.
    4. Keep a separate savings account. Set up an account dedicated to savings; in this way, your savings won't get mixed in with your day-to-day cash.
    5. Set a target date for your savings goal. Having a deadline can help you decide how much to put away and how often.
    6. Visualize your savings goal. Are you saving for a vacation? A big screen TV? Keep a photo of your dream on hand, to inspire you to continue saving.

How's everyone doing with their spending? Over budget? Do the tips help or do you do things similar to this every month?
I miss you all. So much! I can't wait to catch up on what everyone has been wearing...

PS: I just have to say it... Didn't Maegan look STUNNING in the last set of photos? Kadie, you are phenomenal. Maegan, you are gorgeous. That dress, I want you. Let's see if Mae will post some photos from her semiformal tonight... Maybe if I do some convincing and the pictures turn out nice.

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