Tuesday, October 18, 2011

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This isn't a misfit (or maybe it is). I haven't worn it because it is too big... it looks like a huge job for alterations though. It's a dress with a full circle skirt, sewn together perfectly. It's sewn in patches (I don't sew so I don't know how to properly describe it); it doesn't have a straight seam line so it looks like a huuuuge piece of work to take in. I'm confident it can be done though and I'm willing to pay the money for it because I LOVE this dress. I have it in another print too... also only worn once. They're made of thick material so I didn't feel comfortable wearing them during the summer.

So being too big, and the material being so thick, I felt really uncomfortable wearing this imitation outfit, but I liked the idea of it. Again, just not sure if it works for me. Is this a recurring theme or what? Thanks to everyone's comments on the last post. My words of wisdom: embrace your shape and your style. Inspiration should inspire an outfit of your tastes, not have you copycat someone else. My lesson learned: next time I'll definitely do something different with the cardigan. Inspiration stolen from Kendi; see this post. Maegan pointed out her cardigan is shorter and I definitely think that makes a difference. Overall--your thoughts?

A side note -- it was so muggy (SO MUGGY) when I took these photos! Hello hair frizz!

Stay turned for some guest posts this week! These girls are all amazing wonderful friends of mine and I'm excited to showcase them on my blog! Yay!


Outfit details:
Spotted Moth dress, F21 Cardigan & Shoes
necklace by NFLD jewelry designer Amanda Rose

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