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ootd5 09/18/11

ootd3 09/18/11

I was up before sunrise this morning. That said, watching the sun rise is beautiful. I remember being a little girl and waking up my sister to sneak outside with me. We would run down to the park (shown here, here, and here) with everything but the kitchen sink: snacks, blankets, paper and pens--we could have had a survival kit, who knows. We'd run down to the park, cross the current that meets the ocean, climb the hill (we thought it was a mountain) and set up at the top. Then we would wait. My senses remember everything so clearly. The dewy morning chill on my skin. Watching the colors bleed into the sky, watching as one would lean and turn into the next. The sun, as it peeps out over the flat ocean, and it's rays. I loved the feeling of the first ray on my skin, warming me like a first kiss.

As I typed that, it literally just happened; the sun just peeped out over the trees. It makes writing this all the more awesome.

It's funny... That seemed like such an adventure when we were young, and now, I long to live from one moment to the next instead of meticulously worrying about tomorrow. Oscar Wilde says, and we should all listen carefully, life is too important to take seriously.

ootd7 09/18/11

ootd6 09/18/11

All of this stemmed from trying to think of a title that related to me being up at 5:30AM with a sick little girl. She got the sniffles and sneezies last night and I was praying she didn't get sick, but alas, it happened. It's a sin--she just got over a cold not too long ago. That said, it's better she get it over with now, because we're going to Florida in a few weeks and I wouldn't want her to be sick on our trip.

Here's the outfit I wore to work Saturday. I always wish to dress up more since my job allows so much flexibility, but on this day I teach a Kindermusik class so it's difficult to dress up while dressing for a music and movement class with newborns... I affectionately call it musical baby aerobics. Actually, I've never called it that before, but today I'll start.

ootd2 09/18/11
Outfit details:
La Posh Style Cowboy Boots
Forever 21 jeans, tribal tunic, cable chain bracelet, tribal necklace & earrings
Urban Planet jean jacket

Maegan always tells me not to wear denim on denim because it looks too much like a tuxedo. Agreed, somewhat, unless you want to look like you're wearing a denim tuxedo, then of course you're fine. I figured since I'm wearing two different colors of denim, and my tunic has a pink/light blue print, the jacket on top would compliment my top and the jeans would stand on their own. What do you think?

I'm SO sorry to my readers whose comments are being flagged as spam... I've pulled them out, but if it keeps happening I might ditch Disqus. Any way to fix this? It's so annoying!
On a brighter note, I have a hilarious out take for you tomorrow :)


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