Friday, August 12, 2011

blogger inspiration

via Kendi Everyday

If you haven't already, read Kendi's post about breaking the rules when it comes to fashion. It is so inspiring! I agree with every word, and this we should all tear a page out of her book. Click here and read it please; maybe you'll be inspired too! If you like that and you want to read more; see here why Kendi remixes and why I find her to be such an inspiration.

Myself and the baby have come down with the flu and she was running a fever all night. Not great for my blogging life. I'm hoping to fight it off fast. Maybe if I keep saying that it will just happen. Wishful thinking!!




  1. Kendi and Karla of Karla's Closet actually inspired me to start blogging- Kendi's ideas are really great. Hope you and the baby feel better.

    Liv @

  2. hey girl:) thanks for the tip!


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